Samsung released the 50MP ISOCELL GNK sensor with a better dynamic range

Samsung unveiled the 50MP ISOCELL GNK sensor, which offers a better dynamic range for still images and enhanced video recording capabilities. The sensor is a straight replacement for the commonly used 50MP ISOCELL GN1 by Samsung and other OEMs. 

Specifications-wise, the GNK and GN1 are the same. The 50MP imager has 1.2µm pixels and measures 1/1.3″. the business employed further cunning to enhance the sensor’s functionality. For example, the Dual Pixel Pro autofocus considerably improves the focus time, ensuring crisp shots of moving objects. 

Create vibrant, real-life images

The HDR performance of ISOCELL GNK is improved by the use of staggered HDR technology alongside three distinct ISO settings, resulting in photos that have a dynamic range of up to 102dB. With a color depth of up to 14 bits, the single frame-based Smart-ISO Pro reduces motion artefacts and enhances dynamic range.


In addition, the sensor can capture photographs with a dynamic range of up to 120 dB, and the GNK can take 14-bit RAW images while operating in Pro mode. The GNK operates in three distinct ISO modes, each of which helps to minimize motion artefacts and produce such a broad dynamic range. 

perfect autofocus

Get incredibly quick autofocus. ISOCELL GNK Dual Pixel Pro autofocus compares the phase difference in the top and bottom as well as the left and right directions since each pixel contains two photodiodes. Whenever there are moving items in the picture, the sensor rapidly focuses on them.

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The sensor can capture 8K 30 frames per second videos without significantly reducing the field of vision regarding video recording. FHD video at 240 frames per second and HDR videos are also supported. 

Dynamic and cinematic

Capture these priceless memories in perfect detail. With the ISOCELL GNK, you can capture 8K video at 30 frames per second with little field of vision loss. Additionally, it offers HDR video in FHD mode at up to 240 frames per second, along with autofocus.


Samsung has not yet said which phones will receive the new sensor initially, but the first phones to use the ISOCELL GNK will probably launch in 2019.

Professional low-light photography

Try it with different lighting settings. Four nearby pixels are combined into a single, larger 2.4μm pixel to increase light sensitivity in low-light conditions. Expanding upon on-chip premosaic technology, ISOCELL GNK optimizes Tetrapixel performance under strong lighting scenarios to generate very high-quality 50MP photos.



spec effective resolutionEffective Resolution8,160 x 6,144 (50MP)

spec pixel sizePixel Size1.2μm

spec operating temperature

Operating Temperature-20℃ to +85℃

spec color filterColor Filter Dual Tetrapixel

RGB Bayer Pattern

spec normal frame rateNormal Frame Rate Up to 24fps @full 50MP90fps @12.5MP

spec video frame rateVideo Frame Rate 30fps @ 8K, 120fps @ 4K,240fps @ FHD

spec adc accuracyADC Accuracy 10-bits

spec supply voltageSupply Voltage 2.2V for analog,1.8V for I/O,and 0.9V for digital core supply

spec interfaceInterface 4 lanes(2.5Gbps per lane) D-PHY /3 lanes (4.0 Gsps per lane) C-PHY

spec auto focusAuto Focus Dual Pixel Pro (PDAF)

spec hdrHDR Staggered HDR,Smart-ISO Pro

spec analog gainAnalog Gain[email protected] and x72@50MP


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