Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 leak live photo


Samsung is developing a follow-up to the Galaxy SmartTag as well as a new tracker. A month after being discovered in the Bluetooth database, the Samsung SmartTag 2 has surfaced once more, this time via an FCC application that includes a real-time image of the gadget.

Samsung appears to have totally revamped the Galaxy SmartTag 2, which contrasts with the previous Galaxy SmartTag’s rectangular shape and tiny punch hole for keyrings. It is oblong in design and has a larger hole for keychains that appears to be large enough to fit a finger through.

Galaxy SmartTag 2 Screenshot-2023-07-31-153614

Even so, there is nothing to compare the SmartTag 2 against in the live photo below, so it might actually be smaller than it appears. Its size is still a mystery.

Unusually, the Galaxy SmartTag 2, as seen in the image above, lacks a “2” in its name. Although the FCC application confirms the name “Galaxy SmartTag 2” and the EI-T5600 model number, the print says “Galaxy SmartTag.”

Galaxy SmartTag 2 Confirmed compatibility for Bluetooth LE and UWB

Bluetooth LE and UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) connectivity are two more features that have been verified by this Galaxy SmartTag 2 FCC application. The regulatory body took photos of the SmartTag 2 Bluetooth LE and UWB antennae, which can be seen in the images below.

In 2021, Samsung introduced the first iteration of the Galaxy SmartTag, which came in two variations. The SmartTag+ had UWB connection, but the original one did not.


There may just be one version of the next-generation Galaxy SmartTag 2 with Bluetooth and UWB connectivity, as there is no mention of any “Plus” designation in the FCC filing. Although it’s a possibility, use caution in interpreting this.

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When Samsung may wish to make the Galaxy SmartTag 2 announcement is unknown. The firm may decide to offer this attachment early next year, if not before the 2023 Christmas shopping season, however, now that the second Galaxy Unpacked event of the year is over and no new Tag was unveiled in Seoul. Time will only tell.


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