Switching to Android: 10 reasons

Switching to Android: 10 reasons

Over a billion new Android phones were activated in the previous calendar year. Uncertain about which phone is ideal for you yet eager to join the fun? Think of a device that has the best of Google pre-installed, can be folded to fit in your pocket or budget, or has a camera that can take any photograph. Whichever phone you decide on, switching from an iPhone to an Android has never been simpler.

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All Android 12 phones now have compatibility with the Switch to Android iOS app, allowing you to smoothly transfer certain crucial data from your old iPhone to your new Android. Once you’ve received your new Android device, use our simple setup steps to complete the data transfer.

You’ll be given the option to use the new Switch to Android app or your iPhone cord to wirelessly link your old iPhone and new Android phone. You may effortlessly move your contacts, calendars, and images to your new phone by following the steps.

Android phone showing the device set up page with options for what data to copy over. Phone shows a cable connecting it to another phone in the background.

1. Utilize fresh forms of expression:

Sending messages is simple and entertaining using the Messages app and Gboard, especially with friends who use it. Thanks to RCS, you can have group conversations, share high-quality pictures and videos, read receipts, and emoji replies. Thousands of emoji mashup stickers are now available to help you convey your emotions. (Don’t worry, your iPhone buddies will continue to get your texts.)

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2. anybody, everywhere, through video chat:

With Google Meet on Android, video chatting with friends and family who also have Google accounts is now simpler than ever. Or, if you prefer FaceTime, you may still utilise it using Chrome’s most recent release. You may also talk for free with anybody in the world using Google Play apps like WhatsApp. With so many options available on Android, keeping in touch with the people that mean to you most is simple.

3. Listen to your preferred music:

Using your chosen streaming provider for Android, catch up on the most recent hits. Additionally, provided your music is DRM-free and was previously purchased and downloaded on your iPhone, it will transfer over to your Android phone. You may still access your Apple Music purchases and downloaded material on your new Android smartphone by installing the Apple Music app.

4. A list of your favourite apps:

You can easily find the applications you currently use and like on Google Play, as well as start learning about a tonne of new ones. Want to arrange a trip to a natural setting? Hipcamp will assist you in reserving your next camping location, Skyview Lite will serve as your stargazing companion, and AllTrails will assist you in locating the ideal trail for you and your companions. Your new Android makes it possible to have a great summer.

5. Putting privacy first:

Your data is proactively safeguarded by Android on your new phone. Android assists in fending off malicious software, spam, phishing, and harmful apps and helps you stay one step ahead of risks. For instance, Messages aid in defending users against 1.5 billion spam messages each month.

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To assist you in making the best choices for your privacy, Android also offers timely recommendations, such as alerting you to choose your location-sharing options when starting an app. Learn more about securing and protecting your data.

6. A greater number of interconnected devices:

Pick from a large selection of Chromebooks, Wear OS wearables, Google TV products, and Fast Pair-enabled headphones, including Pixel Buds, that function better with your phone. In reality, several Apple goods, like AirPods, continue to function with Android devices.

7. Utilize Google’s services and apps to reach more:

Are you on vacation but unable to interpret the local signage? To swiftly reach your location, scan the text for an immediate translation. You’re on your laptop editing a Google Doc, but you have to complete it immediately. Working on your Android phone is simple as well. Google takes pleasure in being helpful, and Android phones come with the best of Google.

8. Share content between devices, including music and photos:

You can effortlessly share music, images, and other things across Chrome OS and Android devices in your vicinity using Nearby Share. You may simply utilise the sharing features built into Google Photographs or a number of other applications that let you share with friends and family and save them in a structured memory bank for the future in order to share material like photos and movies with non-Android devices.

9. Utilize Android Widgets to personalise your home screen:

Any Home screen may benefit from adding widgets, which put the data that matters to you most at your fingertips. Soon, 35 Google widgets will be accessible on Android, so whether you want quick access to real-time traffic predictions for Google Maps or translations the Android is there to make your life a little bit easier and is prepared so you can interact with family and friends.

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10. Everyone can benefit from technology:

Everyone uses technology in a unique manner. We provide accessible features and goods in order to accommodate the numerous ways that people like to interact with the outside world.

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