Teardown Video of Apple Mac Studio Best M1 Ultra

YouTuber Max Tech recently posted a disassembly video of the Apple Mac Studio, revealing its internal architecture and the real-life look of Apple’s M1 Ultra CPU.

After removing the adhesive pad from the base, you can see the four screws that hold the Mac Studio’s shell together, as well as a, peek of its interior structure. The M1 Ultra, like earlier rumours, has a large size, and while the design of joining two sections of M1 Max provides unequalled performance benefits, it also makes the M1 Ultra’s size unrivalled.

Teardown Video of Apple Mac Studio

According to the teardown, the Mac Studio retains a high degree of internal integration and offers an opportunity for expansion, despite the fact that the M1 Ultra is not modest in size.

Moving an SSD module from one slot to another is also demonstrated in the video. Again, this implies that in the future, these slots may be modular and upgradeable. Because the Mac Studio Unified Memory is soldered to the chip, consumers are unable to update it.

Teardown Video of Apple Mac Studio

Although the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chip is significantly thicker than the Mac Studio with M1 Max chip, Apple decided not to employ a multi-layer motherboard stack, instead opting for a series of massive cooling fans.

This cooling system is linked directly to the M1 Ultra, adding greater volume and weight while pushing the cooling system to its limits. Overall, while having a highly integrated internal architecture, the Mac Studio is more expandable and avoids the heat issues that afflicted the cylindrical Mac Pro.

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