The best features of the OxygenOS 13 Open Beta

The best features of the OxygenOS 13 Open Beta

Since Android 13 is now a publicly accessible beta for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, OnePlus is now making the upgrade available through its Open Beta programme. The first OxygenOS 13 Open Beta release based on Android 13 is now available for download if you possess the global or Indian version of the OnePlus 10 Pro.

Many of the modifications included in OxygenOS 13’s first pre-stable release for Pixels are also present in the OnePlus 10 Pro version that was announced in a forum post. In addition to Google’s updates, OnePlus also included a few new features. OxygenOS 13 emphasises adopting the ColorOS design language across its interface, building on the aesthetic modifications made in the previous year’s upgrade.

The best features of the OxygenOS 13 Open Beta

The Android security patch level for OxygenOS 13 Open Beta 1 for the OnePlus 10 Pro is August 2022, while the underlying build number is C.16. Here is the whole changelog:

  • Design

The best features of the OxygenOS 13 Open Beta

  • new behaviour recognition functionality in Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, which identifies complicated movements and offers optimum interactions.
  • Animations are made to appear more natural and intuitive by adding bodily movements found in real life.
  • enhances typefaces for easier reading.
  • By adding inclusive and multicultural themes, graphics for features are enhanced and made better.
  • Efficiency

The best features of the OxygenOS 13 Open Beta

    • expands the Home screen’s folders. Now, you may swipe through the folder’s pages to access apps in smaller folders and press to open apps in larger folders.
    • controls media playback and enhances the Quick Settings interface.
    • adds more markup tools for modifying screenshots.
    • Improves shelf. On the Home screen, the Shelf will automatically appear when you swipe down.
  • continuous connection

  • earphone connectivity is improved to provide a more smooth experience.
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The best features of the OxygenOS 13 Open Beta

  • Personalization

      • increases the number of Always-On Display animations available with Bitmoji.
      • Enhances Insight Always-On Display and offers more individualised Always-On Display options.
      • Enhances the Canvas Always-On Display, adding new drawing tools and line colours.
    • Safety and Privacy

  • The best features of the OxygenOS 13 Open Beta
    • adds a function to automatically pixelate screenshots from conversations. To safeguard your privacy, the system can recognise and automatically pixelate display names and profile photos in conversation screenshots.
    • adds routine clipboard data cleaning for privacy protection.
    • enhances Private Safe. All files are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to increase the security of private files.
      •  Digital wellbeing & Health 

The best features of the OxygenOS 13 Open Beta

    • Adds Kid Space, which offers features like eye-protective display settings, ambient light warnings, and screen time limits.
    • performance improvement

  • The best features of the OxygenOS 13 Open Beta
    • enhances the spatial sound field perception and more precise sound source of Dolby Sound effects.
    • gaming encounter

    • The frame rate will be stabilised, and improvements to HyperBoost GPA 4.0 will balance performance and power consumption in important situations. 
  • OnePlus says that this beta release may include flaws and that some third-party apps might not function properly. To assist the software development team fix any significant flaws before the final release, you may share your thoughts on the programme and report further bugs using the Community App. Additionally, it is advised to create a complete system backup before moving on since, even if the update does not erase your phone, anything may still go wrong.

Download the OnePlus 10 Pro’s OxygenOS 13 Open Beta 1 

Make sure your device has at least 30% battery life and 4GB of free storage before running the beta version. Additionally, the device has to be running the OxygenOS 12 A.15 build. You cannot sideload the release unless the local update APK is separately obtained and installed on the global model.

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By downloading the region-specific rollback package and installing it on top of the OxygenOS 13 beta, you may roll back at any time to the stable release. Notably, doing this will erase all of your data, so make a backup beforehand.

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