The Official OnePlus Website Teases Core Specifications for the OnePlus 9RT.

 On October 13, announced to hold a press conference dedicated to showcase its heavyweight new device, OnePlus 9RT. It was Pete Lau, the OnePlus founder, who stated on Weibo that speed has always been part of OnePlus’ product DNA. There is no doubt that the new phone is a true “top-of-the-line” device for everyone to enjoy.

Liu Zuohu mentioned that, for pace, what OnePlus knows isn’t always simply fast, however mild and easy complete experience, which has excessive necessities for hardware and additionally calls for repeated tuning and optimization of software. With the discharge date approaching, the OnePlus phone official additionally introduced today’s OnePlus 9RT core specifications.

The previous blast is the same, OnePlus 9RT uses the current fully mainstream iron triangle, namely Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 paired with LPDDR5 and UFS 3. Moreover, for those who like the right-screen flagship, OnePlus can say that 9RT is custom made, Samsung E4 120Hz high refresh rate right screen will bring you smooth experience.

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Additionally, to enable the fully wrapped Iron Triangle to deliver more extreme and long-lasting performance, the OnePlus 9RT‘s built-in 4,500mAh battery supports 65T super flash charging, with fast recharge capability. As for the image part, the official has not yet announced more details, according to previous revelations 9 RT will be equipped with a Sony IMX766 50MP main camera + Sony IMX481 16MP ultra wide angle lens + triple camera with 2MP black and white sensor combination.


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