The release date for the DJI Action 2 has been revealed, as well as photos and full specifications.

DJI just announced a trio of new products, with release dates set for October 20, October 27, and November 5. DJI revealed the first cinema camera, the DJI Ronin 4D, on October 20th, as expected, with a full-frame Zenith X9 gimbal camera, integrated 4-axis stabilisation system, LiDAR laser follow focus system, wireless map transmission control system, and other features.

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Now, DJI has announced the introduction of the second new product, with the tagline “N kinds of possibilities,” on October 27th at 9 p.m. The next device is expected to be a sports camera called DJI Action, according to rumours. 

First #Action2 video. This is the optional #magnetic #macro #lens. I like the dark grey color. Hope it will be the same on the #mavic3.@DroneXL1 @geeksvana @techdronemedia @DealsDrone @OsitaLV @IshveenaSingh @scottsimmie @SeanOzz

— Jasper Ellens – 27 Leaks (@JasperEllens) October 22, 2021


With its clear pictures, excellent 4K video, and user-friendly interaction, among other features, the previous version DJI Osmo Action was introduced in May 2019 and is still one of the most popular sports cameras.

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As per the information leaked, the DJI Action 2 weighs 56g and has a 1/1.7′′ CMOS sensor (F2.8). With RockSteady 2.0 and HorizonSteady electronic anti-shock, it can shoot up to 4K (16:9) 120fps 100Mbps video with an angle of view of 155°. The DJI Action 2 is powered by a Lithium 1S 580mAh battery with a 52-minute battery life and a modular design that allows for extra displays and battery modules to be added.

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The DJI Action 2 power combination will cost 439 €, the power module 65 €, the dual-screen combo 549 €, and the front touch screen module 199 €, according to the source.

Specifications for the DJI Action 2

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