4. Luminance (Display Learn)


The term “luminance” refers to how bright a display device looks. The image or video on the screen can be seen more clearly, even outside in the sunlight, the brighter the screen is. Hence, brightness is a crucial gauge of display performance. The brightness of a single candle is equivalent to one candela, which is measured in cd/m2 (candela) or nit.

The term “luminosity” describes the amount of light that is emitted from a light source or the brightness of a secondary light source that is emitted and reflected from a surface.


The brightness of a display is indicated by its luminance, which is measured in cd/m2 (candelas) or nits. As an illustration, 1 cd/m2 (=1nit) is the same as lighting one candle per square meter.

High-brightness displays provide for great screen visibility even outside. Moreover, brightness is a crucial display indicator since it helps create the HDR look.


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