A Surface Duo 3 with foldable display patent

America’s tech giants appear to be particularly busy in the fall. Apple’s iPhone 14 range was previously unveiled, and now we’re anticipating the future presentations from Google and Meta, which are also set for October.

One business, though, seems to have been overlooked recently, at least when it comes to its smartphone offerings. Microsoft is getting ready for its own event in October where it intends to release the updated Surface Pro 9. A Surface Duo 3 will, however, not be introduced at the occasion.

Surface Duo 3 with foldable display patent

A Surface Duo 3 with foldable display patent

The innovative double-display smartphone from the business has not been doing well lately. Its cost has been decreased, it has been unavailable on the official Microsoft website, and many people even anticipated the end of the Duo lineup as a whole.

A Surface Duo 3 with foldable display patent

Microsoft officially put an end to the aforementioned speculations only last week and confirmed its dedication to the Duo and its form factor, maybe by using foldable display technology.

A fresh patent now supports the possibility of a foldable Surface Duo 3 in the future. Windows Latest was the first to make this information public in a specialised article.

A Surface Duo 3 with foldable display patent

A foldable with a 360-degree rotating hinge is shown in the patent. The smartphone may fold both inwards and outwards thanks to this design choice, which creates a variety of intriguing possibilities.

A Surface Duo 3 with foldable display patent

For instance, the requirement for a separate cover screen is essentially gone. Users will be able to utilise half of the foldable display as a typical smartphone by folding the smartphone outward.

The Microsoft patent is essentially a hybrid of the Huawei Mate Xs and the Galaxy Z Fold. If the Surface Duo 3 uses the technologies described in this patent, it may be unique even as a foldable.

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