Apple has released new colours for the HomePod mini that’s both colorful and expressive.

Apple has introduced three additional colours for the HomePod mini: yellow, orange, and blue, offering users more options to express their style and flair in every setting. With a height of only 3.3 inches, the HomePod mini offers an excellent music listening experience, Siri intelligence, and smart home functionality, as well as built-in privacy and security. HomePod mini is the perfect smart speaker for anybody with an Apple smartphone thanks to its seamless connection with Apple goods and services.

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 From November for INR 9,900, the HomePod mini will be available in these new colours, as well as white and space grey, with matching details throughout, such as the coloured touchpad, mesh fabric, volume icons, and braided power cable. “With access to over 90 million songs in Apple Music’s library and strong connectivity with your Apple devices, the HomePod mini is the must-have smart speaker for iPhone users,” said Bob Borchers, Apple vice president of Worldwide Sales And marketing. “With colourful new colours, the HomePod mini fits even more places while delivering outstanding sound, Siri’s power, and easy and basic controls.” While protecting your privacy, secure for the smart home.

A Compact Speaker with Big Sound

The HomePod mini makes advantage of computer audio and provide a rich and detailed acoustic experience as well as high performance. The Apple S5 chip uses advanced software to analyse the unique features of music in order to create high-quality sound in such a small package. Complex tuning patterns are also used in real time to optimise volume, modify dynamic range, and regulate the movement of the pilot and passive radiators. Deep bass and precise high frequencies are delivered by the HomePod mini’s full-range speaker, quality neodymium magnet, and pair of force-canceling passive radiators.

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For an immersive 360-degree audio experience, an Apple-designed acoustic waveguide directs the flow of sound down and down from the bottom of the speaker. This design not only retains richness and clarity, but also allows the HomePod mini to be placed anywhere in a room and enjoy great sound from all directions. When put in various rooms, HomePod mini speakers allow users to play the same music or a different song in each room, all in perfect sync. When two HomePod mini speakers are placed in the same room, they form a stereo pair for a more immersive listening experience. Three microphones pick up the sound. “Hey Siri” and a fourth inward-facing microphone let Siri receive voice prompts while playing music by cancelling sound from the speaker.

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HomePod mini with Apple Music Voice

HomePod mini is available on Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, thousands of radio stations, including the award-winning Apple Music 1 station, and popular music services including as Pandora, Deezer, and others, assuring that everyone can find something to enjoy. 1 Apple Music has over 90 million songs selected by experts and tastemakers; thousands of curated playlists, including hundreds developed exclusively for the Apple Music Voice plan; and over 25,000 unique radio episodes and other original content. With the addition of this new level of subscription, even more people will be able to access this great collection without having to use their hands by simply asking Siri.

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iPhone Users’ Ultimate Smart Speaker

By bringing their iPhone closer to the HomePod mini while listening to music or podcasts, or when on the phone, users may smoothly stream audio without missing a beat. While the sound travels between the devices, effects that make the devices appear to be physically connected If nothing is playing on HomePod mini, personalised listening suggestions will show on iPhone when it is close to the speaker, and quick controls will be available without unlocking iPhone.

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Intelligent and powerful assistant

HomePod mini uses Siri’s intelligence to provide iPhone users with a personalised and fully integrated experience. Siri can recognise up to six different family members’ voices, customize music and podcasts to their tastes, and answer to requests for personal information, such as reading messages, reminders, notes, and appointments. Make and return phone calls, or use a calendar. 4 Users may now get a customised update from Siri, which gives them a quick rundown of their day. With just one request, users may get the latest news, weather, traffic, reminders, and calendar appointments by asking “Hey Siri, what’s my update?”

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The Environment and the HomePod mini

The HomePod mini was created with the environment in mind, and it contributes to Apple’s goal of achieving net-zero climate impact by 2030 across the whole company, including manufacturing supply chains and all product life cycles. The neodymium magnet in the speaker driver is made entirely of recycled rare earth materials, while the HomePod mini uses 99 percent recycled rare earth components. All of the packaging wood fibres come from ethically managed forests or recycled sources, and the seamless mesh fabric is created with more than 90% recycled plastic. Mercury, BFRs, PVC, and beryllium are all absent from the HomePod mini.

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