Apple iPhone 13 series storage variant.

 Apple is expected to release the iPhone 13 series this month and we should have more leaks as we get closer to the release date. New information is emerging for the iPhone 13 Pro series and it reveals that Apple will not be rolling out a 256GB storage option for Pro models.

Apple iPhone 13 series

Apple is known for cutting down on the medium storage option so that users can spend more money choosing the higher version. a 64GB variant, skipping the 32GB medium storage variant. Similarly, Apple offered the base 32GB storage option with the iPhone 7 and skipped the 64GB mid-size option (which is arguably the most suitable storage space) and switched directly to the iPhone 13 pro’s 128GB storage. As with the rest of Apple’s models every year, Apple is now advertised to offer a basic 128GB storage option for the iPhone 13 Pro, and then directly offer a 512GB storage option.

25 Best Fit Apple will ditch the 6GB storage option, forcing users to buy the higher 512GB storage option, although the needs of some users are sufficient for the 256GB storage option.However, Apple will also introduce 1TB storage options for the Pro models. The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 will start with a base 64GB storage option, a 128GB storage option, and a 256GB storage option. and the pros get 6GB of RAM.

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