Axel Morin, a photographer, talks about his improvement in iPhone photography

The iPhone camera is “like the brush for an artist,” according to French photographer and artist Axel Morin. The variety of capabilities on the iPhone offers countless creative possibilities, and its adaptability establishes a new foundation for innovation. Morin claims that the iPhone is portable and easy to handle with one hand. This makes it the finest instrument for visual experimentation and the ideal tool for recording genuine moments.
Morin’s first exhibition since he started a limited edition magazine project with the same name in 2021, GSM, features his iPhone photos from earlier years. An audiovisual experience that takes viewers through Morin’s universe, from inspiration to emotions as they manifest themselves in each photograph, is presented alongside the photos in the show at Paris’ cultural hub 3537.
From the introduction of the very first iPhone model in 2007 with a 2 MP camera on the back, iPhone photography has continued to advance to the latest camera on the iPhone 14 Pro with 48 MP. Photographers can use iPhone to capture life’s moments—as they see and remember them—thanks to ongoing developments in realistic color, computational photography-based features like Night Mode and Portrait Mode, and macro photography with the ultra-wide-angle camera on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro.
By considering some of his most fascinating photos, Morin pays attention to the opening of the exhibition as well as his creative growth with the Apple iPhone.


Often, the flaws conceal a certain kind of beauty. This image was captured in the midst of a chaotic day in a printing factory in Florence. A passerby’s reflection in a metal plate causes a fuzzy appearance. This lone, soul-like shape held an alluring quality. I was just taken aback by such warm hues, and the camera caught a ghostly movement that complemented the atmosphere. The picture demonstrates the iPhone 14 Pro’s outstanding clarity as well as how well it captures texture and color. The majority of the photos in GSM were shot while moving. If not me, then the environment is moving. I can keep the image crisp by using a camera with a 24mm lens length.
Taken with iPhone 14 Pro Max by Axel Morin


I enjoy experimenting with the iPhone’s ultra-wide camera’s flexibility. I may use it to mix the biggest motifs and the smallest details, capturing the contrasts of the city. An image is first and foremost a tale; it is a moment of reflection on the ordinary world that is photographed and immortalized. A picture captures reality in a single instant, and even the smallest features added together may evoke a sensation.
Taken with iPhone 12 Pro Max by Axel Morin.


I’m inspired by opposites. A wall, a manmade object that blocks the passage of anything living, and the way the light is shaped seem to act as portals to other worlds. I had a lot of ideas after being inspired by the graceful and gorgeous form.
Taken with iPhone 11 Pro Max by Axel Morin

New York,

New York is bustling with energy. The entire city is filled with the sensation. That evening, there was a strong wind, a surge of people, and an ethereal translucent energy. I flicked my wrist and pulled out my iPhone. It produced the distinctive appearance of wavy light lines. Such long lines effectively convey the electric jolt that the metropolis causes. Even though I utilize a variety of iPhone capabilities, night mode is a favourite. The technicality of night photography is high. It takes effort and precision. The possibility to utilize straightforward equipment that enables me to capture the splendour of the city at night is ideal since GSM is all about spontaneity.

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Taken with iPhone 11 Pro Max by Axel Morin
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