(Exclusive) OnePlus Nord 2T Leak Design Shows Specs, Price

(Exclusive) OnePlus Nord 2T Leak Design Shows Specs, Price

Even though the OnePlus Nord 2 is approaching its one-year anniversary, the Nord 3 is still many months away. To keep users interested OnePlus is developing an updated Nord 2T variant, which has recently leaked in its entirety.

Take look at the design of the OnePlus Nord 2T

An AliExpress ad with a lot of official-looking renderings of the OnePlus Nord 2T confirms the CAD-based drawings from a month ago, revealing a fairly unique design that revolves around a significantly bigger camera hump on the rear.

(Exclusive) OnePlus Nord 2T Leak Design Shows Specs, Price

Two large black circles are housed in that camera module. The top one is thought to include a Sony IMX766 sensor, which is the same main camera seen on the great OnePlus Nord 2, indicating that the Nord 2T should feature a strong camera.

Two more sensors are located in the bottom circle. Although there are few details available, this recent leak suggests an 8-megapixel ultra-wide sensor and a 2-megapixel monochrome sensor. If you like black and white photography, the latter is a good choice. It might even aid in capturing more details for colour photos. But, let’s face it, the OnePlus simply included it to make the phone look like it has three cameras.

(Exclusive) OnePlus Nord 2T Leak Design Shows Specs, Price

Two LED flashes complete the improved camera configuration. It’s unclear why OnePlus chose this unusual configuration or whether there’s an obvious advantage to having two LED flashes, but if there is, OnePlus will let us know when the phone comes.

The remainder of the Nord 2Ts outside, however, remain untouched. It’s up to you whether you believe that’s a good thing or not. However, if you recall, the original Nord 2 had a fantastic 6.4-inch 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display.

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The OnePlus Nord 2T is expected to cost $399

How about the OnePlus Nord 2T’s internals? I understand your query. The slogan for today’s leak is “a day’s power in 15 minutes,” which refers to a 4,500mAh battery with exceptionally quick 80W fast charging technology.

(Exclusive) OnePlus Nord 2T Leak Design Shows Specs, Price

Also noted is the existence of MediaTek’s Dimensity 1300 chipset. The Dimensity 1200 was featured in the original Nord 2, so this will be a welcome improvement for customers. Additionally, 5G networks are supported as standard.

(Exclusive) OnePlus Nord 2T Leak Design Shows Specs, Price

The OnePlus Nord 2T is expected to be revealed later this month, maybe as early as May 11. The worldwide version, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, might cost $399 when it is available.

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