WIPO Spotted Samsung Has Patent For Flexible Display

WIPO Spotted Samsung Has Patent For Flexible Display

Samsung has been the leader in the foldable phone market for a few years now. We’ve seen devices like the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip foldable in recent years. We also discovered that the organisation is working on some new Rollable or Slidable showcase cell phones with S Pen compatibility, and Samsung also secured a twofold collapsing show and collapsing camera phone with S Pen support back in December 2021.

More recently, a Samsung phone with a plain sliding presentation was discovered on the WIPO patent database two or three weeks ago. Furthermore, we have just discovered another Samsung device with a changeable display on a similar WIPO site. Let’s look at the new Samsung device that was discovered on the site.

WIPO Spotted Samsung Has Patent For Flexible Display

WIPO Spotted Samsung Flexible Display Device

Samsung, the Korean giant, has registered another flexible presentation phone with the World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO. This is what we have put together for the time being, based on the photos obtained through the posting.

WIPO Spotted Samsung Has Patent For Flexible Display

In terms of appearance, the Samsung device appears to be standard. It doesn’t appear to be a flip or folding device. Overall, this gadget will come with an adjustable presentation, which appears to be an extension of the principal showcase that extends as far as feasible along the middle of the backboard sideways. The slidably versatile presentation will be customizable.

WIPO Spotted Samsung Has Patent For Flexible Display

The device will have two lodgings, a camera module, and an adaptable showcase with a first region exposed at the front surface of an electronic gadget in a state where the electronic gadget is closed, and a subsequent region reached out from the main region and uncovered at the back surface of the gadget, according to the patent depiction. Furthermore, the images reveal the phone’s rear camera on the back and a selfie camera on the front. Because the device has a screen on the back, it should be possible to take selfies using the rear camera as well.

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WIPO Spotted Samsung Has Patent For Flexible Display

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