Facebook Meta is working on a smartwatch with a removable display

 Many people are familiar with meta Platforms because of the much-discussed social media network facebook.com. The actions, however, go beyond that. Last year, for example, the business revealed that it is working on its own smartwatch. With a removable display and two cameras that can be removed off the wrist to shoot images and films, it promises to be a unique wearable. The Verge claimed in mid-2021 that you may then share this immediately via applications like Facebook and Instagram. According to the website, the smartwatch will be available in the summer of 2022.

Meta smartwatch

Bloomberg published a photo of a Facebook smartwatch with a front camera a few months later, in October 2021. The image was obtained from the Facebook View app, which was created in partnership with Ray-Ban and is used to manage the Facebook smart glasses.

letsgodigital has a fresh piece of information on the upcoming meta smartwatch. We stumbled discovered a patent that outlines a high-tech watch with a removable display, several cameras, and a slew of other features we haven’t seen in a smartwatch before.

With a removable screen, you can use Facebook Watch.

Facebook Technologies – now known as Meta Platforms – submitted a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on June 24, 2021, for a ‘Detachable camera block for a wearable device.’ On January 13, 2022, the 49-page paper was accepted and published.

Meta smartwatch

The user can wear a Meta Facebook smartwatch on his wrist, according to the thorough instructions. There are two models described. The first features a square display (as shown in the Bloomberg photo), whereas the second has a circular display. Both watches have nearly identical functions.

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Unlike the samsung Galaxy watch 4 Classic, this watch does not have a rotating bezel. With the Meta smartwatch, spinning has a completely new function, since the user may quickly pick a different camera lens by turning the screen. Set the camera lens to 12 o’clock if you want to utilise it. At that moment, the other cameras are unavailable for use.

Meta smartwatch

By the way, Meta isn’t the only one working on augmented reality headgear. Apple, a formidable opponent, aims to deliver a mixed reality headset this year as well. Apple has long been the market leader in smartwatches, with the Apple Watch 7 being the most recent model. As a newbie to the smartwatch business, it will be interesting to observe how Meta approaches this market.

Meta smartwatch

Another big American player, by the way, is going to enter the field of smartwatch. Google is also developing its own smartwatch, the Pixel Watch. Google also patented a camera-equipped wristwatch in 2019.

Meta smartwatch

Samsung has also filed a patent application for a rotating display Galaxy Watch and a Galaxy rollable smartwatch with a camera. Even IBM, the American computing company, appears to be investigating the possibility of an IBM smartwatch that can be folded into a tablet, similar to the Oppo folding smartwatch. Overall, the sector of wearables and smartwatch will see a lot of innovation in the future years.

 Documentation: Facebook smartwatch with rotatable and detachable display and camera.

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