Mobile’s First 8C12T Hyper-Threading CPU: Kirin 9000s

First 8C12T Hyper-Threading CPU: Kirin 9000s

Details about the Kirin 9000s CPU 

the revival of its Kirin processor and the victorious return of 5G capabilities on Huawei phones, Huawei is creating ripples in the smartphone industry this month in a stunning comeback. In China, this revival has sparked a frenzy among Huawei enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the eagerly awaited Mate 60 Series phones.

After the difficult time of the US embargo, Huawei has achieved a critical milestone with the rebirth of the Kirin Chip. The Huawei Mate 60 Pro Kirin 9000s processor has a number of puzzles that we have previously tried to solve, but concrete information has proven difficult. Today, we go even further into the issue at hand and share significant details about the Kirin 9000s CPU.

The Kirin 9000s CPU use of a hyper-threading architecture with 8 cores and 12 threads is one of the most innovative discoveries. By bringing hyper-threading to smartphones for the first time, this breakthrough marks a ground-breaking advancement in the mobile sector.

Kirin 9000s CPU GeekBench5 tests demonstrated

Our thorough research revealed the following information regarding the Kirin 9000s CPU configuration:

  • There are four cores and four threads on CPUs 0 to 3, with a clock speed of 1530MHz.
  • In the CPU 4 to CPU 9 range, there are three cores and six threads, with speeds reaching 2150MHz.
  • These processors have super large cores, one core and two threads, and have a speed of 2620MHz.

Our GeekBench5 testing in performance mode showed that all 12 threads can operate at their top frequencies without experiencing core locking or frequency occupancy problems. It’s important to note that our observations were limited to CPU 0-7 due to benchmarking software restrictions.

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Kirin 9000s CPU GeekBench5 tests demonstrated-01

A significant turning point in the smartphone market has been reached thanks to Huawei’s comeback with the Kirin 9000s and the reintroduction of 5G connectivity. This cutting-edge technology, which possesses hyper-threading capabilities and a flexible core configuration, promises to provide Huawei’s devoted clientele with remarkable performance.

Huawei’s return is undoubtedly one of the most exciting developments in the world of smartphones this month, as tech enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the other two Mate 60 Series.


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