Galaxy S23 Ultra first off low-light camera samples leaked

Galaxy S23 Ultra first off low-light camera samples leaked

The first authentic unpacking video of the Galaxy S23 Ultra surfaced on the internet earlier today. The smartphone’s first low-light camera samples have now emerged, demonstrating what the phone’s brand-new 200MP camera sensor is capable of.

Edwards Urbina, a Twitter user, shared a few camera samples taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP rear-facing camera. The first image in each tweet looks to have been captured with the night (even auto) mode turned off, whereas the second appears to have been captured with the night mode turned on. In all three cases, there is a significant variation in the clarity of the two photographs.

Galaxy S23 Ultra low-light camera samples


According to previous reports, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will boast some of the greatest low-light imaging quality this year. The camera sensor on the smartphone is a 200MP ISOCELL HP2 with an F1.7 aperture, OIS, and Super QPD autofocus. It also has a 33% greater full-well capacity (33% more electrons in each pixel), which means it absorbs more light. In low-light circumstances, it should result in less noise, brighter pictures, and more accurate colours.

As focusing agents, the Super QPD autofocus employs all 200 million pixels of the ISOCELL HP2. Each focus pixel is coupled with four neighbouring pixels to detect horizontal and vertical pattern changes, resulting in faster and more accurate auto-focusing even in low-light circumstances. Samsung claims that the new sensor can focus effectively in as little as 1 lux of light (moonlight).

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