Galaxy S23 Ultra With Adreno 740 beats Apple A16 Bionic’s GPU


The Qualcomm Adreno 740 GPU in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is more powerful than the GPU in the Apple A16 Bionic, according to recent benchmarks. How does this integrated graphics pack compare to its predecessor, and why should you get it for your Galaxy S23 Ultra? Here are the specifics.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Adreno 740 GPU thrashes

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be packed with a powerful integrated graphics component, the Qualcomm Adreno 740, which appears to be one of the smartphone’s best-performance components. According to reports, the Adreno 740 GPU might possibly outperform Apple’s A16 Bionic GPU. This is seen as a significant accomplishment, given that Apple’s SoCs normally excel in this area.


According to the most recent Geekbench benchmarks, the Adreno 740 scored 10744 on Vulkan, with an average score of 9844. The average score of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and it’s Adreno 740 is significantly higher than the average score of the Adreno 730 in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Extremist, which is 6233.


The Adreno 740 exceeds the Adreno 730 by 57.93%, and the current S22 Ultra/Adreno 730 benchmark scores by 56.85%. TSMC manufactures the 740 using the 4 nm N4 process, whereas Samsung manufactures the 730 using the 4 nm 4LPE technology.

adreno-730 xclipse

Considering the potential for resentment, it looks like Samsung made a prudent decision to employ processors built by a competitor semiconductor foundry in the next Galaxy S23 series. The strong 740 GPU in the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU is anticipated to be the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s main selling feature.

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