Galaxy S23 Ultra is now available in two new colors in India


Samsung introduced the Galaxy S23 Ultra in India earlier this year in three colors: black, cream, and green. Although the firm offered the phone in a number of additional colors, only Samsung India’s official website was able to purchase them. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is now offered in India in two new hues.

Red and Sky Blue models of the Galaxy S23 Ultra are currently available through offline Samsung India and stores. These new hues are priced at INR 1,24,999 (about $1,523), as there is no pricing difference between the phone’s color variants as has become customary.

Galaxy S23 Ultra is Red and Sky Blue colors

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will continue to be available for purchase on Amazon, Flipkart, and other online and offline retailers in the three hues of Black, Cream, and Green.

It should be noted that the 512GB and 1TB storage phone models do not come in the new colors. When a transaction is made with an HDFC Bank card, Samsung is providing a cashback of INR 8,000 (about $97). Moreover, customers who utilize an Axis Bank Samsung Credit Card can receive up to 10% cashback.

View the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the Red and Sky Blue colors in the video down below.

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