Geekbench 6 Benchmarking Suite is released at Primate Labs


The most recent version of the company’s cross-platform benchmarking suite, Geekbench 6, was just released, according to a press release from Primate Labs. Geekbench 6 is an improvement over the previous Geekbench 5, which was released in 2019. It incorporates support for new hardware standards and offers outcomes that more closely resemble the performance of real-world devices.

As a result of machine learning and other workloads, the new software steers clear of large reliance on single-threaded CPU counts. Test datasets have been updated to more accurately “represent current technology and applications.”

Geekbench 6 Benchmarking released

geekbench-6 (1)

  • larger images that current smartphones can shoot in higher resolution (12 to 48MP)
  • Examples of HTML that adhere to current web design standards
  • a bigger image library for import test
  • more expansive maps for navigational tests
  • larger, more contemporary PDF samples
  • an expansion of the Clang workload.

According to Primate Labs, the tests are more closely aligned with workloads utilized by apps and are better equipped to reflect the file types that customers are anticipated to use or interact with in 2023. In order to provide more accurate cross-platform comparisons, Geekbench 6 has been modified to take better advantage of the GPU for machine learning.


There are several new tests that gauge how users use devices, and multi-core benchmarking has been updated to measure how cores share workloads in realistic workload cases. Updates have also been made to the current tests.

  • blurry backgrounds, like in video conferences
  • Photo filters akin to those used in contemporary social networking applications
  • Finding objects for AI workloads
  • Importing and semantically tagging photographs and metadata using a photo library
  • Python text processing for markdown and regex conversion and parsing (more true to real developer use cases)
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Geekbench 6 is free for all non-commercial personal usage, and a launch discount of 20% reduces the cost of the Pro version of the program to $79 for the next two weeks. Command-line automation, offline result administration, and other features are added by pro functionality. The Geekbench website offers a download for Geekbench 6.

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