Nothing Bass (1) speakers in Black or White concept render


Before the release of their first-ever product, Nothing’s transparent aesthetics (which symbolize the transparency of the company’s beliefs) for devices got the tech community all worked up. But it turned out that the hype was excessive.

The USP of the Nothing Earbuds (1) and the successor Nothing Phone (1), however, managed to attract everyone’s attention. Given that Carl Pei revolutionizes the business with that one standout design, creative creatures have been providing us with a glimpse of potential Nothing gadgets that might appear in the near future.

Nothing Bass (1) speakers concept render


A see-through portable speaker design is capturing our attention after the Nothing smartwatch prototype and concept headphones. Of course, the fundamental concept is to inject the accessory with the same partially naked DNA that gave rise to Nothing. It won’t be simple to compete with brands like Bang & Olufsen, Marshal, JBL, Bose, Anker, or Sony, but Nothing might just win out because of its distinctive design aesthetics.


Nothing Bass (1), a portable speaker option in Black or White, will spark conversation at any home party. No one will be able to look away from this device if you add LED lighting that changes colour in time with the music. The transparent housing is touched by the speaker’s cone, isolating the inside from the environment. appears to be glass décor that enhances the ambience of any living space.


The Nothing Bass (1) speaker has touch-sensitive volume controls on the back, which is another unique feature. For simple access, all the other toggle elements, including play/pause, next/previous track, and Bluetooth connectivity, are located on the bottom front. The large lighted Nothing logo in cool white on one side adds the finishing touch to the speaker’s nerdy persona. The version would be perfect if it had a tiny overlay display showing Album Art, the currently playing track, and artist information.

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Clearly, such a portable speaker would draw attention wherever it was used. Would the concept intrigued Carl Pei? That is if his creative factory is not currently producing something greater.

BASS-1-Nothing-speaker-8 BASS-1-Nothing-speaker-2

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