Apple M2 Max chipset with 96GB RAM is spotted on Geekbench

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A Geekbench listing, the unknown Apple “M2 Max” processor has been discovered online, along with details on the chip’s performance.

The Geekbench scores for the rumoured “M2 Max” chip have appeared online, offering a closer look at the performance levels and technical specs of the forthcoming Apple silicon processor. Tech giant Apple is probably working on the next generation of MacBooks. According to ShrimpApplePro on Twitter, a previously undisclosed Apple Mac has been discovered in the Geekbench 5 database. The machine has been referred to as “Mac14.6,” and it looks like it will be powered by a yet-to-be-created Apple M2 Max CPU and 96GB of RAM.

Apple’s “M2 Max” listing on Geekbench

According to reports, the M2 Max processor that drives the Apple Mac has a 12-core CPU operating at 3.54 GHz and 96GB of RAM, suggesting that consumers may have the ability to install more memory than the present 64GB option. According to the benchmarking platform, the Apple M2 Max processor achieved scores of 13855 on the multi-core test and 1853 on the single-core test.


The M1 Max CPU, which powers the MacBook Pro and the entry-level Mac Studio, has 10 cores and a 3.2GHz clock speed in contrast. It scored 1746 on the single-core test and 12154 on the multi-core test. According to 9To5Mac, the M2 Max processor is just 14% faster than the M1 Max chip.

launch schedule for new M2 Macs

According to rumours, Apple will launch a tonne of new Macs in 2023. This includes the recently introduced MacBook Pro models with 14- and 16-inch screens, the Mac Studio, and the much-awaited Mac Pro with Apple Silicon.

The entry-level model of the Mac Studio, which is predicted to have a version that is even more powerful and features the M2 Ultra chip, is expected to be powered by the M2 Max chip, along with the high-end variations of the new MacBook Pro. Additionally, a new Mac mini is allegedly being developed by Apple, and it will come in versions with M2 and M2 Pro CPUs.

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