Google and Jio are launching an affordable Android phone.

Google and Jio collaborated last year to jointly develop entry-level smartphones for millions of dollars. There is speculation that these two companies will launch a cheap 5G smartphone in India, but today’s announcement does not meet these requirements. Instead, we got a 4G smartphone called JioPhone Next with a special Android version.

Google And Jio Are Launching An Affordable Android Phone.
Source- Androidpolicy 

This phone was briefly mentioned at the annual Reliance Jio event, where we learned about its appearance. Google’s Sundar Pichai noticed without digging into the software that JioPhone Next will be used with an Android version optimized for it. It is not clear whether this will become another entry-level hardware operating system besides the Android One and Go version.

Based on these efforts, you can expect that this phone is pre-installed with various Jio applications that are popular with Jio subscribers, as well as automatic reading support, Snapchat-style AR filters and assistants for your camera application. Google is used for voice input in English and other local languages.

Source- Androidpolicy

 Left: Google Assistant. Middle: Reading function.Right: Night mode.

In his keynote speech, President Reliance stated that Next will be the “cheapest smartphone”, comparable to other products launched by Jio so far. Shortly before the launch on September 10, we should have a clearer understanding of prices and hardware specifications: Although JioPhone is the highlight of this event, the partnership with JioGoogle has also expanded to other Jio companies.

Google And Jio Are Launching An Affordable Android Phone.

Google And Jio Are Launching An Affordable Android Phone.
Source- Androidpolicy

As announced today, the telecommunications giant will use the power of Google Cloud to launch 5G in India and other digital companies such as retail, healthcare, and music streaming applications.

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