The Internet panel of Android 12 in 2.1 Beta will not disconnect you from WiFi.

Android 12 Beta 2.1 was released this morning and contains several much-needed bug fixes. However, for the new Android 12 Internet dashboard, users have stepped back slightly.
Unable to quickly disconnect from Wi-Fi. If you click Internet in the quick settings of Android 12, a window will appear containing your current network, nearby WiFi, and cellular data. The latter has a toggle switch, and the “X” in Beta 2 allows you to disconnect from the current WiFi. In today’s Beta 2.1, the “X” will be replaced with a gear icon, which will open the “Network Details” page for the connection. This is an interesting comeback, especially for users who no longer like the new dashboard on the web.

Android 12 in 2.1 Beta
Source- 9to5Google 

Replace various tiles of WiFi and mobile data quick settings in Android 11. The new Internet Control Panel can help users switch between ISPs and more easily solve network connection problems. Let us know what you think! Google is not yet clear whether this is an obsolete return or an intentional design change.


Functional changes of this scale usually do not occur during the mid-term patch release. At the same time, users must first click the gear icon in “Settings”, and then click “Disable” or “Settings”> “Network and Internet”> “Internet”> “Wi-Fi”. The workflow is very tedious, especially the switch at the bottom of the active network list.

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