Google Bard includes images to deliver visual responses

Google Bard includes images to deliver visual responses

A number of upcoming Bard features were shown off by Google at I/O 2023, and image support has already started to roll out.

In the most recent version (2023.05.23), google Bard will sometimes return photos (from Google Search) so you can see the replies. If you ask for interesting locations to visit, for example,(“What are some must-see attractions in LA?” each suggestion will come with a photo.

The site name and favicon are shown in the top-right corner, with images under each bullet point. Although lingering over the link displays the URL and a right-click menu, tapping on it activates it. Like with any other image search, you may also explicitly request images (for example, “send me images of flowers”).

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This is only the initial cosmetic upgrade; Google will soon enable users to submit a picture to Bard and interact with it by asking questions or making requests. You might, for instance, send Bard a photo of two dogs and request that he “create a funny caption about these two.” For image analysis, Google Lens is used.

Bard prompt asking to create an image of a unicorn with birthday cake

Even so, Adobe Firefly for image processing will be supported. At I/O, Google Bard received a dark theme, Korean and Japanese support, Gmail/Docs export, and English availability in more than 180 nations.


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