Google Chrome Memory and power-saving options are now featured


New Memory Saver and Energy Saver options that provide users more control over memory consumption and battery life have been added to the Google Chrome app for Mac today.

Memory Saver mode releases memory from tabs that aren’t being utilised right now, enhancing the performance of active tabs. According to Google, this mode is especially helpful while performing other system-demanding tasks like playing video games or editing films. When necessary, inactive tabs are refreshed.

Google Chrome Memory and power-saving Modes


When the battery reaches 20%, Chrome’s Energy Saver mode automatically stops power-draining activities. Background activities as well as visual effects for websites with animations and movies will be restricted.

With Google Chrome’s three-dot menu, Energy Saver and Memory Saver may be turned on or off, and Memory Saver-exempt websites can be added.


The newest update of the Chrome software for Mac (number 108) includes new modes, which will be accessible to all users globally in the upcoming weeks.


Google will roll out two new performance options with the most recent version of Chrome for desktops: Memory Saver and Energy Saver. Google said that when they are utilised, Chrome will use up to 30% less RAM and increase a device’s battery life when it is getting low.

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