Google Introducing Material You Tweaks New Nearby Share On Android

Google Introducing Material You Tweaks New Nearby Share On Android

Another improvement Google is bringing to Nearby Share is UI tweaks that include Material You into the primary sheet with which you interact.

Update 12/28: Google is “revamp[ing] the visual and motion design for the Nearby Share Android app,” according to the latest December Google Play System Update. This is most likely referring to the Material You changes we discovered in November. It comes with Google Play services version 22.49, which has not yet been widely distributed.

Material You Tweaks New Nearby Share

Nearby Share Material You old
Nearby Share Material You

When you launch Nearby Shares, a sheet appears that begins the process of “Looking for nearby devices.” Google originally utilised a left-to-right wave to indicate this. It was a minor detail that made the point. A minor Nearby Share makeover will make use of several Material You Shapes that grow before fading away behind your profile avatar.


The text on this panel has been slightly enlarged and centred, and the Nearby Share symbol has been added at the top. Google has also made the share previews larger and placed them in a card with icons, making it easier to see what’s being shared. Image previews will be accessible as well.

This minor modification to Nearby Share that we enabled has not yet been carried out and will most likely go live after a server-side upgrade with the most recent version of Google Play services.

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