Hong Kong Patent Office grants Apple five design patents related to VisionOS

Design Patents Relating to VisionOS-1

Apple got five additional design patents related to visionOS on Friday, as confirmed by the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office. The title reads: “Graphical User Interface having a three-dimensional appearance for computer display system of portion thereof.” “Screen Displays and Icons” is the category under which all five works were filed under Locarno Classification 14-04. That class includes #102429, which is titled “Graphical User Interfaces (computer screen layouts).”

A Spectrum of Involvement

According to Apple’s developer website for Vision Pro, “You may fully reimagine your 3D experience using Apple Vision Pro’s endless spatial canvas for exploration, experimentation, and play. Users have the option to engage with your app while being aware of their surroundings or to fully submerge themselves in a virtual world you have created.

Additionally, your experiences may flow: open in a window, add 3D material, switch to an entirely immersive environment, and then return to the original window. You have a choice, and it all begins with visionOS’s spatial computing building blocks.

Design Patents Relating to VisionOS-2

A summary of the five design patents that the Hong Kong Patent Office granted to Apple this past Friday may be seen below.


The following two patents on designs are nearly the same. To attempt to show how the visionOS UI may change locations (in an animated fashion), the UI’s distance from the left wall is different.

Design Patents Relating to VisionOS-3

Design patents released worldwide are restricted to simply giving the public design patent figures, in contrast to “patent applications” that offer the public an abstract, synopsis, and details of an invention. No further information about the design is provided.

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