MediaTek next year build a chipset with Nvidia GPU


Industry sources, reported by DigiTimes, claimed that Nvidia and MediaTek have reached an agreement to start producing mobile chipsets with GeForce GPUs as early as next year. Windows on ARM devices will be a specific target for such CPUs.

At present, MediaTek has a 20% market share for chipsets used in entry-level Chromebooks. MediaTek will be able to compete in the high-end laptop market with a flagship processor equipped with a powerful Nvidia GPU.

While the Tegra processor used in the Nintendo Switch is already somewhat outdated, Nvidia has its own ARM-based designs. Nvidia Shield is another option, although it’s also an older model. Moreover, the company manufactures ARM boards with GeForce GPUs, however, these are mostly used for machine learning activities. A device like the Jetson Orin NX features a Cortex-A78AE Processor with 8 cores, 16GB of Memory, and a 1,024-core Ampere GPU with 32 Tensor cores.


They don’t truly support Android or ChromeOS (there is a working LineageOS version, but no official support from Nvidia); this is a problem that MediaTek’s know-how can resolve. MediaTek processors, which now employ ARM GPU architectures, will have improved gaming performance thanks to the GeForce GPU. Moreover, it will have top-tier AI capabilities from Nvidia. This could end up being a compelling rival to Apple’s laptops built on the M-series architecture.

It’s unclear at this time if these MediaTek/Nvidia processors would solely be used in Windows laptops or whether a low-power version will also be available for smartphones. But you can guarantee that Samsung and AMD are closely monitoring this partnership.


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