MLCC for 5G base stations has been developed by Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

On November 23, Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced the development of a high-capacity, high-voltage MLCC for 5G communications base stations. Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ new MLCC has a size of 3,225 (3.2mm wide, 2.5mm high), a high capacitance of 10uF (microfarad), and a high rated voltage of 100 V (higher voltage than the equipment can handle without being destroyed by the voltage) (volts).

Samsung ElectroMechanics' new MLCC

Samsung ElectroMechanics plans to ship this product to global telecommunications equipment partners starting next month. ※ Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC), a major component of electronic devices that controls stable current flow in electronic circuits, it is essential for products such as smartphones, household appliances and cars. 5G communication can process large amounts of data at high speed using high-frequency bands, which requires many base stations due to the use of high frequencies. Compared with 4G LTE, 5G communication base stations have more transmitting antennas and rooms with higher power consumption and heat output. 

Therefore, MLCCs mounted on 5G communication base stations must be a large capacity to minimize component mounting area and provide stable power. In addition, high voltage products are required due to the characteristics of the base station which use high operating voltages to reduce power loss and the products must also be highly reliable to operate normally in the face of environmental changes such as temperature. and humidity. The MLCC developed by Samsung ElectroMechanics this time reached the high capacitance of 10uF to provide fast and stable power to high-performance semiconductors. In addition, it can replace two to three low-capacity MLCCs, thereby reducing the component mounting area. In addition, the rated voltage of 100V can be safely applied to 5G communication base stations, and the increased reliability allows the MLCC to operate normally against environmental changes such as external shock and vibration, temperature and humidity. In particular, the new product benefits from the best tensile strength in the industry with a guarantee of 3mm.

Samsung ElectroMechanics' new MLCC

“The commercial deployment of 5G communication technology has driven an increasing demand for base station equipment, fueling the demand for high performance, high-reliability MLCCs,” said Kim Dooyoung, Executive Vice President, Component Solution Unit, Samsung ElectroMechanics. “We will strengthen our technological advantage by developing and manufacturing basic MLCC materials in-house and maintaining our market leadership by internalizing our facilities and increasing manufacturing capacity to contribute to the success of our customers. 

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According to a global market researcher, the 5G communication base station market accounts for 85% of the total market by 2025, reaching around KRW 35 trillion. 5G communication using high frequency requires many more base stations because the coverage (useful area) of a base station is less than that of 4G LTE. The number of MLCCs used for each 5G base station is around 20,000, which is four times that of 4G LTE, so MLCC is expected to market the demand for base stations will increase rapidly. an added value such as high-temperature nature, high voltage and high reliability based on its technological prowess in ultra-small and ultra-high capacity MLCC sector.

⬒ High-capacitance, good-voltage product with advanced technology and high reliability, 3225-size 10uF 100V

– A high-capacitance product that may replace two to three low-capacitance products, resulting in a reduction in component mounting space.

– The 100V rated voltage guarantees protection against excessive voltage.

– Excellent tensile strength and endurance in the face of environmental changes such as temperature and humidity

⬒ The number of MLCCs required for a 5G base station is four times that of a 4G base station 

– The market for 5G communication base stations is expected to reach KRW 35 trillion by 2025.

⬒ High-reliability range based on ultra-small and ultra-high-capacitance technology

– To increase market responsiveness by diversifying industries outside IT, such as autos and networks, by expanding the high-voltage,

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