New iOS 16 Beta 4 For Lock Screen, iMessage, CarPlay

New iOS 16 Beta 4 For Lock Screen, iMessage, CarPlay

Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 16 to developers today for testing. The current beta includes several new features and modifications to the Messages app, Home app, Mail app, Lock Screen alerts, CarPlay, and other apps.

iOS 16 is now in development for developers and members of Apple’s free public beta testing programme, and it will be available to all iPhone 8 and newer users in September. A second public beta of iOS 16 is now available, which matches today’s fourth developer beta.

We’ve summarised the most significant new features and improvements in iOS 16 beta 4 below. Steve Moser and @AppleSWUpdates have also contributed.

Edit/Undo Send Changes in iMessage

You may now examine the original version of the message as well as any prior revisions by tapping on the little “Modified” label underneath an edited iMessage bubble. Furthermore, iMessages can only be edited five times before the “Edit” option disappears.

iPhone 13 Editable Messages Feature -

While there is still a 15-minute window for changing an iMessage, Apple has cut the time restriction for unsending an iMessage after it has been delivered to two minutes.

API for Live Activities

Apple has made ActivityKit available in beta, allowing developers to start testing the Live Activities feature on the Lock Screen in their apps on iOS 16 beta. For the time being, apps that use the capability will only be offered through TestFlight.

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ios 16 live activities feature -

On the Lock Screen, Live Activities will display real-time, glanceable information. A sports app, for example, may allow the user to initiate a Live Activity for a live sports game. In such a case, the Live Activity would show on the Lock Screen for the length of the game and provide the most recent game updates.

According to Apple, Live Activities will not be featured in the first publicly published version of iOS 16, but will be enabled in a later update this year – maybe iOS 16.1. Apps with Live Activities will be accessible on the App Store at that time.

New Home App Wallpapers

The fourth beta of iOS 16 includes new Wildflowers and Architectural wallpapers to the Home app, in addition to existing wallpapers.

iOS 16 Beta 4 Wallpaper Feature -

New Undo Send Time Limits in Mail

It is temporarily possible to unsend an email in the Mail app on iOS 16. The time restriction for unsending an email was 10 seconds in the first three betas, however, the fourth beta gives users the choice of 10, 20, or 30 seconds.

iOS 16 Beta 4 Undo Send Feature -

Notification Settings for the Lock Screen

Apple has improved the appearance of the Lock Screen notification choices in the Settings app. Apple has published photos that depict the Count, Sack, and List choices for how Lock Screen alerts are shown in the fourth beta of iOS 16.

iOS 16 Beta 4 Notifications Feature -

New Lock Screen Customization Tool

When it comes to personalising the Lock Screen, Apple has overhauled the UI, with choices for colours, gradients, images, and more at the bottom.

iOS 16 Beta 4 Lock Screen Customizer -

Improved Music Player on the Lock Screen

Apple has made the music player on the Lock Screen more visually appealing.

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iOS 16 Beta 4 Music Player -

New CarPlay Wallpapers

A static version of the iOS 16 iPhone wallpaper is now available for CarPlay, with multi-coloured, blue, and grey options.

According to the release notes, Apple has made various bug fixes in iOS 16 beta 4.

When configuring the Lock Screen, a new “Add Widgets” question appears to specify where the widgets are put.

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