New iPhone 15 Pro design CAD Render Reveals


9to5Mac first revealed the basic CAD pictures of the next iPhone 15 Pro last month, we’ve been working to assemble more exclusive information from MFi accessory manufacturers, fresh detailed CAD received by 9to5Mac’s Max Weinbach and other sources.

This is your greatest look yet at the iPhone 15 Pro since all of this information has been verified by many sources.

aluminum frame

It is generally assumed that the iPhone 15 Pro will be a significant update, with the main modification being a brand-new titanium case with rounded edges. Even if they are minor, the softened edges should be noticed because many consumers have complained about the harsh edges of the existing iPhone.

The Camera lenses

Apple is once again increasing the cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro in addition to the new aluminum frame. The camera bump is bigger, but the protruding lenses are the more actual distinction. The individual lens protrusion from the massive cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro has increased significantly, according to the Cad model.


It’s crucial to note that the iPhone 15 Pro Max appears to have a smaller camera protrusion in Cad models. This may be because the bigger Pro Max model is expected to be the only one to include a periscope camera this year. This would suggest that the camera bump on the iPhone 15 Pro will be greater than on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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iphone-15-pro-6-1 iphone 15 pro 7 1 -

The next camera upgrades are a given, and if the size of the cameras is any example, Apple is getting ready for a major upgrade. According to rumors, the new sensor technology in the iPhone 15 Pro would “capture more light and minimize overexposure or underexposure in certain settings.”

iPhone 15 models with USB-C

Also, it is generally accepted that all iPhone 15 models will support USB-C. The USB-C connector has a unique metal frame with a ribbed pattern, according to pictures of a prototype device that has been released. According to Apple tradition, only USB-C cables approved by the company will provide fast charging.


Volume and mute buttons with haptics

The iPhone 15 Pro will include solid-state haptic and mute buttons, so say goodbye to buttons and mute switches. The most recent evidence is that two new haptic engines specifically designed to simulate pressing a button will take the place of the buttons.


Filipe Esposito of 9to5Mac has exclusively reported that the mute switch will also receive the haptic treatment and function as a push button instead. how Apple will handle this new input in the software.

small bezels

This year, Apple will continue to reduce the bezels; the iPhone 15 Pro’s bezels are only 1.55mm thick. We can also see that the edges of the front and rear glass are subtly curved, merging into the titanium frame of the device.


All-new color for the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro will be available in a brand-new deep red color with the specific color code 410D0D, according to information obtained by 9to5Mac. This is probably the most intriguing upgrade. This shade is expected to replace Deep Purple and sit with Apple’s standard White, Space Black, and Gold.

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The iPhone 15 Pro will feel smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro because of the lower bezels and the identical total screen size. The phone should be considerably more pleasant to handle as a result of this and the more rounded edges.


iPhone 15 Pro is smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro, measuring 70.46mm by 146.47mm with a thickness of 8.24mm as opposed to 71.45mm by 147.46mm with a thickness of 7.84mm.

With a brand-new aluminum frame, USB-C, and camera enhancements, the iPhone 15 Pro is poised to be a big update and is guaranteed well-liked. Although it’s still early and nothing is certain until Apple officially introduces the gadget, this offers us a reasonable idea of what to expect from Apple later this year.


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