New product from Google Nest This is the latest camera and doorbell

The image shows the Nest Cam on a table, wall, and wall-mounted Nest doorbell. The mission of Google Nest is to create a home that takes care of its people. It all starts with understanding what is happening inside and outside the walls of your home.

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One of Nest’s primary goals is to make your home safer. We did this with our first-row camera. When we start to dream about what the next generation of cameras and doorbells will look like, we want to consider how to handle the connected home and what to expect from it, including smarter alarms, installation flexibility, value, and beautiful wireless options. Layout and more privacy and security.

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We hope that our new product line will immediately provide you with the most comprehensive smart alerts and work seamlessly with your other Nest products such as displays. Launch of Nest Cam and next-generation doorbell: Google Nest Cam (battery)-our first battery-powered indoor/outdoor camera ($179.99); Google Nest Doorbell (battery)-our first battery-powered doorbell ( 179 USD).

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Then there is the Google Nest Cam with reflector, our first webcam with reflector ($279.99), and finally, the second generation Google Nest Cam (wired), wired indoor camera and our cheapest Nest Cam (99 USD.) Nest Doorbell and Nest Doorbell are now accepting pre-orders and will go on sale on August 24. The Reflector Nest Cam and the new indoor wired Nest Cam will be available soon.


Bells are designed to send you the most useful alerts. They identify important events inside and outside the house, including warnings for people, animals, and vehicles, and packages in the case of the Nest doorbell. Our new cameras and doorbells can do this by processing what they see on the device, which means more up-to-date notifications and more privacy and security. Processing on the device means everything is ready and no subscription is required.


Install Nest Cam (battery) to add versatility to your home. The new Nest series doorbells and cameras are really suitable for any home. With rechargeable technology, Nest Cam and Nest doorbells can be installed almost anywhere in your home, not just where they are. Power sockets or existing doorbell cords The cordless design also simplifies installation. For users who like to pair devices, we have added the ability to pair Nest Cam and Nest doorbell via battery. The Google Store provides accessories for your Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell, so you can easily install them anywhere.

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The new camera and doorbell work better with other Nest products such as displays. Nest devices that work together.
Reliable Nest projector for the home If there is a WiFi or power failure, the Nest doorbell, Nest Cam (battery) and Nest Cam with a reflector will provide local backup storage for the device (about a week or so of events). Even if your WiFi is turned off, the Nest Cam (wired) will be registered on the device. When the service returns, the devices upload their events to the cloud so you can see what happened. Everything is done carefully. We believe that household appliances should be comfortable and complement your interior decoration.

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Instead of being distracted by it. When developing our new products, we draw inspiration from lighting and architectural design to create products that look great in various environments. The new Nest Cam wired indoor camera and the Nest battery-powered doorbell come in a variety of natural-style colours, and all new devices are made from recycled materials. Learn more about the new Nest and Nest Cam battery-powered doorbells. These doorbells are available for pre-order today and will go on sale on August 24th.

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