New Sub-brand Of Nothing ‘Particles By XO’ Release Soon


Nothing, launched by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, may have a completely new sub-brand up its sleeve. Kuba Wojciechowski informed 91mobiles about a new brand named ‘Particles by XO’ that may be launched as a spin-off of Nothing. 

According to a recent tweet, the corporation is preparing to launch a new product in the United States. The new sub-brand might be announced at the launch. In a firmware, Kuba discovered “Particles by XO” labelled as created by Nothing. The tipster also revealed photographs of what appears to be the first set of TWS earbuds from the new sub-brand, in addition to the name.


Nothing’s new brand, Particles by XO, will be coming soon

As of now, it’s still being determined whether the Nothing branch is called ‘Particles by XO’ or simply XO, while Particles is the name of the future music product. The term has previously been trademarked in the United States by a shell business. While we wait for Nothing to announce this new sub-brand officially, Kuba managed to dig some photographs of the Particles by XO TWS earphones.


First, take a look at Nothing’s new TWS earbuds.

Kuba’s photos reveal a distinct set of totally wireless earphones with a well-rounded, peanut-shaped design language. Because of the L-shaped form factor, the body will point upwards when put in the ear. The last image shows what appears to be an earphone charging case in the shape of a puck. Overall, the design is basic and less “transparent” than the Nothing Ear (1), which is likely why Nothing wishes to offer the earbuds under a different name.

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The unusual design of the earphones hints that the new ‘Particles’ sub-brand may be aimed at a more fashion-conscious consumer in the US market. After all, the firm just released a lipstick case-style design with the Nothing Ear Stick.


We do have a few additional pieces of information regarding the new Particles by XO earphones to offer. To begin, the earphones are designated as B154 (the Nothing Ear 2 is named B155 internally). Second, Nothing’s servers’ firmware reveals that the TWS earbuds will have LHDC (Low Latency High-Definition Audio Codec) and ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). So we’re looking at a high-end, attractive set of earphones that will be available in the United States very soon.

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