The First Official Press Photo of the Samsung Galaxy A73?

Samsung’s Galaxy A-series of “amazing” mid-range handsets has been slowly disclosed throughout the year so far, with the firm most recently announcing the Galaxy A23 as well as the 4G version of the A13, as we’ve come to expect from the company’s mobile business. However, the most anticipated smartphones in the list — those around the top of the lineup — have yet to see official daylight, but we’ve been shown a render that claims to be the official Galaxy A73 press image.

The First Official Press Photo of the Samsung Galaxy A73?

The significantly small bezels of this supposed picture — of a phone initially showed off by mobile leaker @Onleaks — are what stand out the most. The A73’s screen-to-body ratio is substantially greater than the Galaxy A53 material seen below, reaching the theoretical limit of 100% (where a device’s whole face would be filled by its display, with no frame parts visible).

The First Official Press Photo of the Samsung Galaxy A73?

Both Galaxy A53 and the Galaxy A73, the next member of Samsung’s high-volume A5x sub-series, are expected to be released soon. Both models’ predecessors were unveiled at a Spring Unpacked event last year, but with Samsung having just held two Unpacked events in February (for the Galaxy S22 / Galaxy Tab S8 lineups and Galaxy Book2 Pro laptops, respectively), it’s unclear whether a dedicated, live-streamed unveiling will be held this year as well.

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