OnePlus 11 Concept phone unveiled with Active CryoFlux

OnePlus 11 Concept phone unveiled with Active CryoFlux

Today, OnePlus debuted the smartphone known as the OnePlus 11 Concept that it has been hinting at for a few weeks. The device, which is not intended for mass production, is made to highlight the brand-new Active CryoFlux cooling system offered by the company.

What is effectively a closed-loop liquid cooling system similar to that found on a desktop PC but considerably scaled down for a smartphone is known as Active CryoFlux.

OnePlus 11 Concept phone unveiled


A ceramic piezoelectric micropump that pumps fluid through a network of tubes between an upper and lower diaphragm is the system’s brain. On the gadget, the micropump occupies less than 0.2 cm2 of space. The fluid is moved around the pipe that serves as a heat sink and radiator by the pump, absorbing heat from the SoC and slowly releasing it as it travels back to the pump.


According to OnePlus, the Active Cryoflux may lower temperatures by up to 2.1°C, giving gamers an additional 3–4FPS. Temperatures can drop by 1.6°C when charging, cutting the charge time by 30-45 seconds.

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The remaining elements are mainly aesthetic. OnePlus claims that its unibody back covers, despite the fact that it plainly has a frame around the sides, are made of curved, transparent glass. The partially lighted tubing beneath is visible through the back cover. Together with a new Guilloche etching pattern, the region around the camera has also been lit.

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It’s unclear how OnePlus will ever use this technology in a finished smartphone. During CES 2020, the business displayed an intriguing self-tinting camera cover class on Concept One, but it was never used on a product. Of course, not every concept feature will ultimately go into production, and occasionally it’s just cool to debut some of the fresh material you’ve been working on.

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