OnePlus 12 camera samples are unveiled


Now that most of the major releases have passed, the OnePlus 12, OnePlus’s next flagship competitor, is the only one remaining, and one that has us rather excited. Over the last several weeks, the Chinese firm has been careful to tease the phone well, revealing the OnePlus 12 appearance, specifications, and some of its photography features.

Li Jie Louis, the company’s president, has now posted images from the OnePlus 12 camera on the Chinese Weibo social media platform. Alongside these samples, we also have confirmation that the phone’s primary sensor the Sony Lytia sensor, which was created in collaboration with OnePlus will be there.

Samples of the OnePlus 12 primary camera

The OnePlus 12 primary sub-lens camera is reportedly a newly built 50MP Sony LY-808 sensor that was co-developed. The cooperation between Sony and OnePlus, and Li Jie’s thoughts on this joint venture:

The most challenging aspect of mobile photography is handling the “light and shadow” texture. The Sony LYT-808 was cooperatively created from the start using the “Super Light and Shadow Image Engine” algorithm thanks to the “collaborative design of optical devices and algorithms”. Hasselblad natural colors have allowed for the extraordinary development of this system.

Let’s go on to the samples. Official samples are known to be rather peculiar; they are frequently taken under strict supervision, and the images we see are among the finest of—possibly hundreds or even thousands—of photos. Nevertheless, the photos captured using the Hasselblad lens and Lytia sensor are very decent.

With a wide aperture of f/1.6 and a focal length similar to 23mm, the image seems very detailed, with well-balanced colors and a noticeable degree of natural bokeh. Additionally, the dynamic range appears to be excellent. OnePlus claims that this is because of a new Super Light and Shadow Engine, which operates without producing oversaturated or unrealistic-looking images.

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Samples of the OnePlus 12 ultrawide camera

Using a 14mm focal length and an f/2.2 aperture lens, the Sony IMX581 sensor powers the OnePlus 12 ultrawide camera. There is a clear contrast between the photographs taken with the primary sensor and those below. The dynamic range and quality of the ultrawide are not as high as those taken with the primary camera.

The OnePlus 12 camera ultrawide lens is obviously not its best feature; the sheer number of image samples says it all. There are just three ultrawide photos available, and while they are rather good, nothing really noteworthy can be said about them.

Samples of the OnePlus 12 periscope telephoto camera

The OnePlus 12 telephoto camera merits greater recognition, which it now receives because of the numerous examples that the company has released. According to Li Jie, the sensor within this periscope system is probably an OmniVision OV64B 64MP.

The benefits of its big sole and 6400W high pixels allow it to create crisp photographs and beautiful compositions without interfering with the amazing events that are happening in the distance! No matter what it is—hair, eyelashes, snow-capped mountains, architectural details—you can all appreciate beauty from a distance.

With the 6x optical zoom capabilities of this periscope system, images with a focal length of 140mm may be captured. Particularly when taken at 70mm in the phone’s Professional Hasselblad Portrait mode, the photos are fairly good. We’ll let the pictures do the talking.


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