Google Play announces the top Android, Wear OS, and tablet apps for 2023


Google Play has revealed the top Android applications and games of 2023, just as the year is ending. This includes users’ Choice and many “Best for” categories. You may peruse these listings by nation by pressing the banners at the top of the Play Store. These lists are localized.

People’s Choice 2023

Based on US results, the list below features ChatGPT as the Users’ Choice App winner. Prior to BeReal’s victory last year, streaming services (Disney+ and Paramount+) were the two victors. The game of choice for users is MONOPOLY GO!

The Best Android Apps of 2023

Imprint: Learn Visually is the “Greatest [all-around] App of 2023.”

App of the Year 2023: Imprint: Learn bite-sized lessons that employ visual storytelling to make topics come to life are shared visually. Discover the fields of technology, history, psychology, and health in a whole new perspective.

Google Play recognized Spotify as the “Best Multi-device App” in the interim.

Whether listening to your favorite music in the kitchen, on the commute or out on a hike, Spotify shines when it comes to working smoothly across devices. We love how you can remotely control playback on another device, and download tracks or episodes for offline playback.

Google Play announces the top Android, Wear OS, and tablet apps for 2023 16

By category, there are 12 “best for” categories:

Best for Watches: WhatsApp Messenger

Best for Tablets: Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

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Best for Chromebooks: FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation

Best for Google TV: Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies

Best for Cars: Amazon Prime Video

Best for Fun: Bumble For Friends: Meet IRL

Best for Personal Growth: Voidpet Garden: Mental Health

Best Everyday Essential: Artifact: Feed Your Curiosity

Best Hidden Gem: Aware: Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Best with AI: Character AI: AI-Powered Chat

Best for Families: Paw Patrol Academy

Best App for Good: AWorld in support of ActNow

The Best Android Games of 2023

The “Best Game of 2023” is Honkai: Star Rail:

Thanks to its exceptional breadth of material, breathtaking visuals, and well-thought-out design, this sci-fi epic wins our award for best game of the year. Honkai: Star Rail provides both novice players and fans of role-playing games with endless enjoyment by interweaving narrative and character backstories throughout the game.

In a comparable way, the “Best Multi-device Game” OUTERPLANE – Strategy Anime:

Even if we adore its endearing characters and gripping tale, OUTERPLANE stands out from other turn-based strategy games on Play because to its seamless cross-platform functionality. OUTERPLANE is aesthetically spectacular, technically remarkable, and just plain fun—from exceptional PC performance to seamless screen transitions on foldables.

Google Play announces the top Android, Wear OS, and tablet apps for 2023 17

Best Multiplayer: Farlight 84

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Best Pick-Up & Play: MONOPOLY GO!

Best Indies: Vampire Survivors

Best Story: Honkai: Star Rail

Best Ongoing: Stumble Guys

Best Games for Good: Pokémon Sleep

Best on Play Pass: Magic Rampage

Best for Tablets: Honkai: Star Rail

Best for Chromebooks: Minecraft

Best for Google Play Games on PC: Arknights

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