Apple new 35W USB-C charger design has leaked

Apple new 35W USB-C charger design has leaked

Apple leaked its own charger a few days ago (yes, it was soon removed after temporarily appearing on Apple’s website), but today, AppleInsider believes another leak provides us with a taste of how it might look. Let’s take a look at the photographs of Apple’s 35W dual charger that have been leaked.

Images of Apple’s 35W twin charger have leaked

ChargerLAB on Twitter, previously renowned for charger teardowns, provided the leaked pictures here. The leaked USB-C charger supports 35W rapid charging and was originally seen on an Apple support page (which, of course, was quickly deleted).

Apple new 35W USB-C charger design has leaked

Not long after its begins with creation debut, reputed industry insider Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the dual charger was extremely close to entering mass production, or at least part of its components, which basically implies we may see it official soon, or in a few months.

However, the three photographs revealed by ChargerLAB look to be renderings of the charger rather than official marketing photos, but the charger displayed appears to be around the same size as the present one, with only a single port. Another fascinating feature shown in the photographs is that the two prongs of the charger can fold inside the charger body, making it more compact and easy to travel.

Apple new 35W USB-C charger design has leaked

Although the support document that leaked previously did not mention it, the new dual charger is likely to feature GaN (gallium nitride) technology. Apple, on the other hand, is already using the technology in the Apple Silicon 16-inch MacBook Pro charger, which is Cupertino’s first GaN charger.

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If you’re wondering what the difference is between a standard charger and a GaN charger, the tech generates less heat, which means you can fit more components into a smaller body without the worry of setting your customers’ nightstands on fire. And, as previously reported by Digitimes, Apple is developing GaN chargers with USB-C connections.

Apple new 35W USB-C charger design has leaked

This support document that disclosed the charger’s existence also stated that the charger will not come with a cord, which is typical of Apple, and we’re not shocked. At the very least, iPhones still come with wires inside their boxes, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

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