Google launching Slovakia in News Showcase service

Journalists have traditionally been devoted to giving people credible information when they need it, and the last few weeks have demonstrated this more than ever. Google is dedicated to assisting consumers in finding accurate and relevant information through products such as Search and News.

Google Launching Slovakia In News Showcase Service

We’re expanding our support for journalism in Slovakia today by launching Google News Showcase, our product and licencing programme for news publishers.

News Showcase may explore partners in Slovakia

Google Launching Slovakia In News Showcase Service

Google has formed alliances with six Slovak media, including major news sources, a television broadcaster, and a press agency, to bring vital news coverage to people across the country. Nov in, Dennk N, SME, TA3, Topky, and Webnoviny are among the properties included in the News Showcase debut in Slovakia. We will continue to collaborate with other news partners throughout the country to bring more resources in the future. News Showcase is a component of our worldwide news initiative, reinforcing our commitment to journalism in Slovakia and throughout the world.

Google Launching Slovakia In News Showcase Service

News Showcase panels can display on Google products, presently News and Discover, and connect users to complete stories on publishers’ websites, assisting them in deepening their ties with readers. Panels will also contain expanded access to paywalled material from certain participating publishers, giving viewers even more from their favourite sources, with the goal of increasing subscriptions for the news organisation. In addition to the cash generated directly by these highly engaged readers, participating publishers will receive monthly licence fees from Google.

Google Launching Slovakia In News Showcase Service

“At SME, we recognise that only high-quality, independent journalism can garner long-term subscriber support,” says Peter Macinga, Chief Digital Officer of Petit Press, publisher of SME and other national and regional news publications in Slovakia. “We value our collaboration with Google on News Showcase, which will make our premium content available to a broader audience.”

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Google Launching Slovakia In News Showcase Service Google Launching Slovakia In News Showcase Service

We’ve signed deals with over 1,400 news publications worldwide and launched in 15 countries, including IndiaJapanGermanyPortugalBrazilAustria, U.K.AustraliaCzechiaItalyColombiaArgentinaCanadaIreland, and now Slovakia, to bring more in-depth, essential news coverage to Google News and Discover users.

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