Samsung Book Fold concept renders

Galaxy Book Fold, Samsung will introduce foldable laptop soon – All info. Fold 17 inches (possibly next year). Like the Thinkpad X1, it can include two large foldable displays like the Galaxy Z Fold. Samsung has demonstrated this type of laptop concept at a trade show. some of them are likely to hit the market. Foldable prototype. The feature set may also include an under-display camera, but that’s pure speculation.

Microsoft may have ditched the idea of ​​folding Windows PCs, be they single- or dual-screen, but other OEMs have replaced. While the dual-screen ASUS Project Precog device is just a concept prototype, Lenovo released the ThinkPad X1 Fold and foldable display last year. With the Galaxy Book Fold 17 coming out, everyone needs a bigger or extra screen, even those who already have larger screens on laptops and desktops. On the other hand, some people also prefer mobile devices, but the balance between the two is always difficult to achieve with conventional devices.

Folding devices are trying to offer a different, albeit not without, their own solution. Samsung’s always dreamy display division showcased some of the innovations it worked on in May. To some extent, some of them have been implemented: a folding screen and a camera under the display are already present on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which, of course, is about the size of a phone or a computer board and is far from vision.

Samsung Book Fold Concept Renders

Samsung Book Fold Concept Renders

what Samsung means. wondering what that might mean.Ben Geskin then reminded the Web of Samsung’s 17-inch foldable laptop in the video above, trying to connect the dots in between. For the tech enthusiast, this could be another exciting showcase for the computing technology of the future. At first, however, he may be a more cautious optimist. However, no source has hinted at a release date for this Galaxy Book Fold 17, but it might not be that far, perhaps depending on how Windows 11 becomes more suited to such a style.

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