Samsung Electronics Announces 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM Starts Mass Production


The most cutting-edge 12 nanometers (nm)-class process technology is used in Samsung Electronics’ 16-gigabit (Gb) DDR5 DRAM, which the company announced today has started mass production. Samsung Electronics is a global leader in advanced memory technology. Samsung’s successful completion of the cutting-edge production procedure confirms its position as the industry leader in cutting-edge DRAM technology.

According to Jooyoung Lee, Executive Vice President of DRAM Products & Technology at Samsung Electronics, “Samsung’s industry-leading 12nm-class DDR5 DRAM provides remarkable performance and power efficiency. ” Our newest DRAM “reflects our continued commitment to lead the DRAM market, not only with high-performance and high-capacity products that meet computing market demand for large-scale processing but also by commercializing next-generation solutions that support greater productivity,” according to the company.


Samsung’s new 12nm-class DDR5 DRAM improves wafer productivity by up to 20% while using up to 23% less power than the previous generation. multinational IT companies that want to reduce the energy use and carbon footprint of their servers and data centres, it is the ideal option due to its exceptional power efficiency.

The adoption of a new high-material that aids in increasing cell capacitance allowed Samsung to establish 12nm-class manufacturing technology. The data signals exhibit a substantial electric potential difference as a consequence of their high capacitance, which facilitates precise signal separation. The company’s efforts to cut operating voltage and reduce noise have also contributed to providing the best solution possible for customers.


Two 30GB UHD movies can be processed by Samsung’s 12nm-class DDR5 DRAM family, which has a maximum performance of 7.2 gigabits per second (Gbps), in around a second. This speed makes it suitable for data centres, artificial intelligence, and next-generation computing.

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Last December, Samsung finished testing its 16-gigabit DDR5 DRAM for AMD compatibility, and it has since continued to work with major international IT firms to promote innovation in the next-generation DRAM market.


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