Samsung launches new watch features with One UI Watch preview

The new Galaxy Watch will be the first device equipped with One UI Watch. A new unified platform jointly developed with Google Samsung Electronics today launched a UI Watch user at the Mobile World Congress Interface submission (MWC).

Samsung launches new watch features with One UI Watch

Samsung also confirmed that One UI Watch for Galaxy Watch will be available on a new unified platform co-developed with Google, which brings performance improvements to UI Watch… It will make its debut at the Unpacked event this summer. Patrick Chomett, Executive Vice President and Office Director, said: “In order to fully realize the potential of these wearables, we are leveraging our long history in mobile innovation and the established industry leaders who have grown with us in our open ecosystem.

Partnership.” Samsung’s cellular experience. “Through these efforts, we will enrich the functions of our smart watches and make the Galaxy ecosystem more convenient for our consumers. UI Watch combined with the new unified platform will create a new Galaxy Watch experience. As part of the new experience, in the smart After installing the watch on your phone, compatible applications will be quickly downloaded to your smartwatch.

If you set a clock application on your phone to display the time in different cities around the world, your watch will also automatically display it. If you block calls and messages on your watch, they will now be blocked on your smartphone. The unified platform opens up new features and integrates with popular third-party applications, which can be downloaded directly from Google Play to your Galaxy Watch.

Therefore, if you are a sports and fitness enthusiast and want to get more benefits from apps such as Adidas Running, GOLF BUDDY Smart Caddy, Strava, and, this is an app that hopes to lead more through apps such as Calm or Sleep Cycle. A healthy discoverer of a balanced lifestyle, music lovers are those who like to discover new artists on Spotify and YouTube Music, or are fearless explorers who are ready to navigate on Google Maps; thanks to a large number of partners, everyone can find Something that suits you.

Samsung launches new watch features with One UI Watch preview.

Samir Samat, vice president of product management for Google Android and Wear, said: “Samsung and Google have a long history of cooperation. Although we have worked together, 

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