Release of the first wireless Nothing earbuds July 27

Technology startup will release its first true wireless Nothing-Ear headset at 9 am (1). The company’s founder Karl Pei announced the today on July 27th. After the beginning window in June. After Pei tweeted that the company delayed the launch, there was no previous report because it “has something to do.”

is best known as the co-founder of the company he split from OnePlus last year. There are few details about Nothing Ear (1), but the company has released various details about it in the past few months. They will use the “simple aesthetics” of materials in the developed in collaboration with Teenage 

But the technical characteristics of the headset are also open. Wireless headsets are the first category of products. No one plans to do this, but Carl Pei said that over time, he will move to other areas. In an interview with The Verge in January, Pei said that the company ultimately hopes to build a complete ecosystem of connected devices. If everything is connected without any problems, then this will only happen when there are multiple product categories,” Pei said.
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