Samsung trademarks its AI Neural Quantum processor feature on TVs.

Samsung has filed a trademark application for a Neural Quantum Processor for televisions. Possibly a variation of the Neo Quantum Processor, which was recently announced. At CES 2022, Samsung unveiled the slew of new items.

Neural Quantum Processor

It all started with the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, which was eagerly anticipated. Samsung also unveiled The Freestyle, a new portable projector, as well as a new monitor portfolio for 2022, including the Odyssey Ark gaming monitor and many new TV models. The Samsung TVs have a new Neo Quantum Processor 2022. The image quality is upgraded to a magnificent 8K image experience by applying 16 neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Samsung is still working on a TV processor with artificial intelligence called the Neural Quantum Processor, according to a new trademark application.

Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor is designed for televisions.

Samsung Electronics registered the name “Neural Quantum Processor” as a trademark in South Korea and the United Kingdom on January 4, 2022. The application is classified as Class 9 and is described as a “chipset for televisions.”

For the time being, no more information is available. It’s unclear whether the Neural Quantum Processor is merely another moniker for the Neo Quantum Processor or whether Samsung is developing a new model.

For the first time in 2019, Samsung released a TV with a Quantum Processor that also employs machine learning technologies to upscale video to 8K resolution. Samsung produced the first Neo QLED TV in 2021. The Neo AI Quantum Processor 8K was also announced at the time. It’s possible that the new Neural Quantum Processor will expand on this.

Neural Quantum Processor

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Despite the fact that Samsung has already shown numerous new TVs at CES 2022, the firm does not appear to have divulged all of the specifications. Samsung, for example, has gotten a 2022 CES Best of Innovation Award for an unofficially announced Samsung 65″ QD-Display TV, according to CNET. It’s the first RGB self-emitting Quantum Dot OLED display in the world. A 2022 Neo Quantum Processor is also included with this Samsung TV. Today or tomorrow, we may hear more about this. The CES event will take place from January 7 to January 7, 2022.

source: Letsgodigital

Official Documentation: Samsung Neural Quantum Processor

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