Samsung working a new Under Display camera For Z Fold 5

Samsung working a new Under Display camera For Z Fold 5

The “exclamation point” punch design, which consists of a “pill-shaped + circular” double punch, will be used on the iPhone 14 Pro series, while the regular iPhone 14 will retain the present notch cut-out screen design.

According to current exposures, the design of this year’s iPhone 14 Series will, to everyone’s surprise, not be too much, so what about next year? Of course, Apple’s next iPhone design should eliminate the bangs, as this is also more in keeping with the aesthetic.

Samsung working a new Under Display camera For Z Fold 5

Samsung Display and OTI Lumionics

According to Korean news outlet The Elec, Samsung Display and OTI Lumionics are working on a new generation of under-display cameras, which will appear first on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 next year and then on Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro model in the autumn of 2023.

Samsung Display has teamed up with OTI Lumionics, which has created a new generation of organic cathode patterning material (CPM) that “opens small transparent windows in the cathode and OLED pixel layers,” according to the article.

The aforementioned option, however, makes the display fully transparent, letting Apple place its FaceID sensor beneath it. The infrared sensor will operate normally while unlocking the display, leaving a complete cut-out and hole-free display for the user to enjoy.

Samsung working a new Under Display camera For Z Fold 5

It’s worth noting that Samsung Electronics previously employed a laser drilling technology to obtain an under-screen camera on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but the mass-produced version of the Fold 3’s performance was underwhelming. As a result, Apple chose to forgo the laser drilling method in favour of a new one.

Light from the bottom emissive layer must travel through the cathode section at the top of an OLED display, a process known as top emission. The environment required by under-screen camera technology can only be realised when the cathode section is transparent, and the cathode can be patterned into a transparent shape while absorbing light from the outside.

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OTI Lumionics also has a proprietary process for laying cathode pattern materials utilising fine metal masks. An open metal mask is then used to deposit the cathode, avoiding deposition on the patterned material.

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