T-Mobile reveals a new 5G connectivity milestone in a Verizon compared

T-Mobile reported that it has already surpassed its 2022 5G network expansion goal, covering more than 320 million people with its Extended Range 5G low bands and 260 million with its quick Ultra Capacity 5G. Not only that, but it has also been able to increase the carrying capacity and stability of its award-winning Ultra Capacity 5G network by adding a second 1900 MHz layer of mid-band 5G spectrum.

Neville Ray, T-President Mobile’s of Technology, claims that the Un-carrier “We’ve led in 5G coverage from the start, producing a vast 5G footprint that continues to grow. We’re fast executing our promise to offer the best capacity network this country has ever seen. And it’s indisputable that T-Mobile customers have access to the strongest 5G network available thanks to Ultra Capacity 5G.”


According to him, the recently activated 1900 MHz mid-band of the spectrum “adds lanes to the road so traffic can zoom,” while three-carrier aggregation technology has allowed T-Mobile to reach the incredible 3 Gbps network speeds, provided that its customers have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S22 phone that can.


In the US, T-Mobile has transformed from a scruffy but tenacious newcomer into a 5G network behemoth owing to its recent FCC-approved purchase of Sprint, which allowed it to create the infamous “layer cake” with a solid 5G coverage from the low to the mid-bands.


For a few quarters in a row, T-Mobile has regularly been recognised for having the fastest 5G network download speeds and the most extensive 5G coverage. T-Mobile also offers the most affordable family plan costs. Additionally, it is a legacy GSM provider like AT&T, offering more phone options and compatibility than Verizon.

T-Mobile still has a ways to go in terms of coverage outside of major cities and heavily used roads compared to AT&T or, even worse, Verizon’s coverage, despite all the marketing guff. This is true despite its underdog status, which made it a darling among customers. However, the recently disclosed improvements to its 5G network have set it firmly on the path to continue to lead the country in 5G, always one step ahead in coverage and capacity.

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