Samsung trademarks new camera sensor, XISO-CELL

Samsung trademarks new camera sensor, XISO-CELL

Samsung has been producing ISOCELL-branded smartphone camera sensors for years. The company started using this name for its sensors when the Galaxy S5 first came out, and over time, it also used the names ISOCELL Plus and ISOCELL 2.0. The company appears to be developing its next-generation camera sensors under a new brand now.

Samsung recently applied to KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) in South Korea for trademark rights for the XISO-CELL brand via GalaxyClub.There is not much to say about it other than the branding and the font. In addition, it is impossible to determine whether this new branding will be applied to the camera sensor of the Galaxy S23, Samsung’s first smartphone with a 200-megapixel camera.

Samsung trademarks new sensor XISO-CELL


The term “isolated cells,” which refers to Samsung’s strategy for reducing interference and noise from two adjacent pixels in a camera, is the source of the ISOCELL brand name. Additionally, we are unsure of the connection between the addition of an X to the current ISOCELL branding and its performance or characteristics.

Similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro series, and iPhone 14 Pro series, it has been speculated over the course of the past few months that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have sensor-shift optical image stabilization (OIS). Whether or not that information is accurate and how it relates to Samsung’s new XISO-CELL brand remains to be seen. It is anticipated that the Galaxy S23 series will be unveiled in February 2023.

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