The rendering of the Nothing Ear (1) shows the transparent case design.

Accessories manufacturer Nothing continues to embody its mission to showcase its products through innovation and cutting-edge technology while maintaining reasonable prices. 1) True wireless earbuds use transparent elements, fresh and beautiful.

The rendering was posted via Ayush Verma’s tweet and shows the situation of Nothing Ear 1. The authenticity has not been tested. However, the concept of Nothing Ear 1 is closely related to previous leaks and equipment advancements. The rendering reflects the simple folding design with earbuds. It shows the white layer of the protection circuit and battery.

The picture also shows the possibility of a square box, a transparent bottom layer, and a short transparent stem for buds.No ear cups (1) The red (left) and black (right) buttons may contain microphones that can pick up ambient noise through active noise reduction to provide an engaging listening experience. Ear 1 The first 100 buyers who got nothing from their work on July 27th will be sold exclusively on StockX.

Nothing Ear 1 costs $99, making it the cheapest option among true wireless earbuds. Matches TWS headphones from Apple. US$249.

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