Qualcomm’s major announcement is leaked in the form of the Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1 logo.

Is it possible to get a Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1 Just days before the major reveal, @Za Raczke discovered a logo for a new Qualcomm processor on the company’s development site?.

Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1

The page’s title is “Test Symbol,” and the icon in question is located next to the caption “Test123.” This is definitely a template that should be populated with actual text (which is what the staging site is for), but that hasn’t happened yet. The next flagship chipset, however, was to be known as “Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.” Qualcomm just said “our next flagship Snapdragon 8 series platform,” without specifying the precise name. As a result, it’s probable that the 8 series chips are referred to as “8Gx.”

 Qualcomm already has chips called “8cx”, the flagship offerings of WindowsonARM laptops. There is also an 8c, which sits just below the 8cx, and an entry-level 7c. If “c” means “computer”, what does “G” mean? Under the current naming scheme, some chipsets are given a “G” suffix to indicate higher clock speeds for the GPU, like Snapdragon 765 and 765G. And the “x” just stands for premium. The big event is scheduled for November 30 (Tuesday), join us to find out what this Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1 business is all about.

In other news, the tipster Ice Universe recently revealed that the next-generation Snapdragon chipset will ship with the Adreno 730. He also said that the performance and power efficiency of this chip far exceeded expectations. According to another report, the next-gen Snapdragon chipset on GFXBench managed to gain 158.4 FPS in  Manhattan 3.1 scene, 112.7 FPS in  Aztec ruins (normal) and 43.1 FPS in  Aztec ruins (high). All of these numbers are at an all-time high, showing the GPU capabilities of the chipset’s upcoming launch.

Samsung Galaxy A03 Enhances Key Mobile Features.

Samsung Galaxy A03 delivers a wide variety of updates to essential Samsung mobile functions that are designed to make it easier for you to do your everyday chores.

Samsung Galaxy A03

The Galaxy A03 delivers everything you need to communicate with friends and family, including a 48 MP primary camera, 6.5-inch Infinity V display, powerful CPU, and long-lasting 5,000mAh battery. During the day, you can enjoy your favourite form of entertainment. In the infographic below, you can see the Galaxy A03 specifications.

Under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy A03 has an unnamed octa-core processor with two clusters with a maximum clock frequency of 1.6 GHz. Samsung doesn’t mention the  Android 11 and One UI version that the Galaxy A03 runs out of the box, but it does say the smartphone has three memory options 3GB / 32GB, 4GB / 64GB, and 4GB / 128GB. 

Samsung Galaxy A03

Galaxy A03 supports Dolby Atmos, packs a 5,000mAh battery, and is available in black, blue, and red. Samsung has yet to reveal pricing and availability for the Galaxy A03, but we hope to find out more soon.

Foldable and slideable Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone

Again with Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung has established itself as a leader in the foldable smartphone market. The South Korean company is optimistic about the future of these innovative foldable smartphones. Samsung has submitted many patents for foldable and retractable devices in the future. LetsGoDigital reported about a specifically developed Samsung Galaxy Z Fold smartphone with a sliding keyboard in October of last year.

Foldable and slideable Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone

In August of this year, Samsung released a foldable and expandable Galaxy Z Fold and Roll model. This sort of phone has a lot of promise, according to him. This time, the Korean company has submitted a similar patent, which builds on prior work but adds a lot more information. A big camera system with five camera lenses, known as a Penta camera, is included. The same style of hidden hinge that we’ve seen on Galaxy Z smartphones was used this time.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide is a smartphone that folds and slides.

In mid-May 2021, Samsung Electronics filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) for an “electronic device”. The 60-page documentation was released today, November 25, 2021. In its most compact position, Samsung’s patented foldable smartphone looks a lot like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. A large flexible screen has been applied and a cover screen. is also included. When you open the device, you get access to a screen size of around 7.6 “. 

Little difference from current Z Fold devices so far. However, we have renamed the new model  Galaxy Z Fold and Slide for a reason. Because if you need it. With an even larger display area, you can magnify the screen with just the press of a button. The additional screen area opens on the left side of the device, after which the screen is enlarged by approximately 25% more. It is even possible to use the expandable display portion in the folded position.

Penta camera Samsung Fold & Slide

The camera system is also special, which generally remains underexposed in utility patents. This time around, however, a Penta camera was chosen, including a telephoto lens with periscopic zoom. An LED flash is also included in the design. The camera system is considerably more advanced than what is known of the current Galaxy Z series of smartphones. At the moment, there are no foldable telephones with a telephoto zoom. Additionally, Samsung has yet to release phones with five camera lenses. Patent documentation also shows that the device will support reverse wireless charging.

Foldable and slideable Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone


Foldable and slideable Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone


Earlier this month, LetsGoDigital reported a Samsung patent for a trifold smartphone with support for reverse wireless charging. Alternatively, Samsung can also apply the patented technology for a clamshell model, such as the Galaxy Z Flip 3, in which case the extra part of the screen will be pulled from the bottom towards the device. Samsung is certainly not the only manufacturer trying to intelligently combine the possibilities of foldable and rollable displays. Last year, TCL also introduced a TCL Fold ‘n Roll smartphone concept – it was also a foldable and rollable model.


Time for a new Snapdragon era unveiled on November 30th.

Qualcomm revealed some modifications to its branding approach for mobile SoCs (which it refers to as platforms), as well as the fact that there are now more than 2 billion Snapdragon devices in use across the world, ahead of its Snapdragon Tech Summit on November 30.

Snapdragon Tech Summit

Qualcomm has confirmed recent rumours, saying it will switch to a new naming scheme for its mobile platforms. The names will imply “a single-digit serial and a generation number,” starting with the latest flagship platform in the Snapdragon 8 series. So without saying it outright, Qualcomm confirms that it won’t be Snapdragon 898 or something. like that it will be Snapdragon 8 Gen1. And then, in 2022, its successor will be Snapdragon 8 Gen2, and so on. It will be interesting to see what this means for lower-level chips, as the Snapdragon 7, 6, and 4 families have multiple members available in parallel. But for now, the company has been silent on all of this.

Subsequently, the Qualcomm name will appear much less in the names of mobile-related products. In fact, the company claims to have separated the Qualcomm and Snapdragon brands, and in the future, Snapdragon will be a stand-alone product brand “with specific ties to the Qualcomm brand, where applicable.” Fortunately, the “5G” suffix will be removed from mobile platform names in the future, as 5G has become ubiquitous enough to no longer warrant it.

 Qualcomm is also committed to launching only 5G-enabled mobile platforms from this point forward, so there’s no need to point out the obvious. Changes are also underway for Snapdragon’s iconic “fireball” which “will gain new prominence and manifest  in new visuals and other creative executions.” New representative colours have also been introduced including Midnight, Gunmetal, Nickel, Snapdragon Red and Gold. Gold will now be used to represent only higher-level products. According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 will be officially unveiled at the Snapdragon Tech Summit on November 30.

Official Renders of the Samsung Galaxy A13 First Look.

Samsung is likely to release a new Galaxy A series phone in the cheap range. The Galaxy A13 is supposed to be the next model, which will be available with 4G and 5G network connections, according to current speculations. Several leaks have surfaced online, revealing major specifications and features for the future smartphone. However, Giznext was able to obtain all of the renderings, and this is how the Galaxy A13 will seem.

Galaxy A13

Full Design Samsung Galaxy A13

 As mentioned above, at Giznext we were able to find the official renderings of the Samsung Galaxy A13. One of the industry sources helped us with the pictures. The leaked renderings confirm that the Galaxy A13 will bring a new design language compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy A12. We’ll talk about the differences first. The Galaxy A13 will launch with a monochrome rear panel. The upper left corner will house three vertically aligned (circular) camera sensors. In particular, the sensors are not housed inside any module but are positioned separately and protrude from the remaining body.

This is different from the previous model (Galaxy A12) where you will get a square-shaped camera setup on the back. The building material looks like plastic here. The Galaxy A13 will have the same initial design as the Galaxy A12. The device will feature a teardrop notch screen. The glasses would be thin on the sides and on the top but will be slightly thicker on the chin. Now, let’s get to the placement of the keys and ports. 

Galaxy A13

The Galaxy A13 will have the SIM card tray on while the right spine could house the volume rockers as well as the power key. In particular, the power key will integrate a fingerprint scanner for biometrics. We can also confirm the availability of the black colour option. The company may also introduce other variants. If we follow the recent leaks, the Galaxy A13 would be available in shades of blue, orange and white in addition to black.

Galaxy A13

Specifications and features of the Samsung Galaxy A13 have been rumoured.

The Samsung Galaxy A13 has been visiting the leaked factory for quite some time now and would be driven by the octa-core Dimensity 700 processor. The smartphone is expected to have up to 8GB of RAM and a 128GB storage configuration. We could see a screen. 6.48-inch LCD with FHD + resolution and 20: 9 aspect ratio. 

Galaxy A13

The Galaxy A13’s triple rear camera setup will likely contain a 50 MP main camera, while the notch-shaped screen drop in the foreground could accommodate an 8 MP selfie camera. Additionally, rumours suggest that the Galaxy A13 will come with a 5,000mAh battery that will support 25W fast charging. We would like to add that this is rumoured hardware and that Samsung does not have. yet given official sign to the same. Until then, it is recommended that you take the details of the specs like a grain of salt.

Samsung’s trifold smartphone features reverse wireless charging.

Samsung has filed a patent for reverse wireless charging technology for a three-part foldable smartphone with a front display. Samsung has later developed many foldable smartphone models, the most current of which are the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. In the future, Samsung is anticipated to release further foldable phone variants. Consider a Samsung smartphone that can be rolled up. LetsGoDigital has reported on a Galaxy Z Fold model with a vertical hinge.

Samsung tri-fold

In addition, the South Korean manufacturer seems to be actively developing a tri-fold smartphone. Earlier this year, it was speculated that Samsung’s first dual-folding phone was slated for late 2021. We now know that plan won’t be realized. Despite this, the development of this Galaxy foldable phone continues steadily. For example, in August of this year, Samsung Display presented a preview of a “Galaxy Z Flex” which can be folded into 3 parts. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics is developing new technologies and possibilities to take the user experience of a tri-fold phone to the next level.

⛊Samsung’s wireless charging technology works in reverse.

On March 26, 2021, Samsung Electronics filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) for an “electronic device and method of sharing the battery in an electronic device”. The 72-page documentation was released on November 11, 2021. The full documentation focuses on a Samsung tri-fold smartphone with reverse wireless charging technology. The South Korean manufacturer has long offered a reverse wireless charging option for high-end Galaxy S-series and Note smartphones, also known as Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare, and since the introduction of the first Galaxy Fold, this technology has also been found in models. of folding Samsung phones. 

With a smartphone with reverse wireless charging, you can use the phone’s battery to charge other devices, such as Galaxy Buds, a smartwatch, or another phone. The patent documentation shows that Samsung also wants to implement this technology in its trifold smartphone. Since the phone consists of three parts of the screen, the necessary adjustments will be made. Wireless power transmission is located in both the second and third parts of the housing. In this way, the user can place the device to be charged between the foldable phone, after which the charging begins the process, as shown in the patent images above. Normally, you should place the device on the back of the phone. By placing the device to be charged between the two parts of the screen, better power transfer can occur, according to the documentation. Speed ​​gains can also be achieved because two wireless charging coils are integrated instead of one.

Samsung tri-fold phone with display cover

The Samsung tri-fold case will also come with a cover screen. The user is informed of the necessary information via the front screen. Consider, for example, a battery indicator, so you can see how far the charging process is complete. In addition, Samsung’s tri-fold smartphone will be able to display information depending on the device being charged. For example, if you charge your smartwatch, health information such as heart rate, stress level, sleep index, and blood pressure will also appear on the front display. 

Samsung tri-fold

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before it officially introduces the first Samsung. smartphone with a foldable dual-screen. Samsung Display has already proven that it can produce such a type of screen. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics is actively developing new features. The documentation has been written in so much detail that we think it’s plausible that the Samsung Triple will actually have reverse wireless charging in the future. We may hear more about this innovative Samsung smartphone over the next year or so.

The ‘Wearable Wooyoungmi Edition’ is a new product from Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics has been selling the Wooyoungmi portable edition in Korea on a limited basis since the 19th, in collaboration with the design brand ‘WOOYOUNGMI PARIS,’ which is gaining appeal as a new premium product among the MZ generation. The Galaxy Watch 4 Wooyoungmi Edition and Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition will be launched individually.

Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition

The “Wearable Wooyoungmi Edition” adds a touch of class and refinement.

The “Galaxy Watch 4 Wooyoungmi Edition” consists of a black “Galaxy Watch 4” dial with a dedicated wireless charger. The unique bracelet uses high-quality leather and stainless steel materials and the brand’s “WOOYOUNGMI PARIS” logo and distinctive rectangular buckle are applied to add a luxurious feel. In addition, the charger and the watch face are engraved with the logo in any black colour, which gives a sense of unity to the packaging.Youngmi Woo Watch Face can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store.

‘ Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition ‘is composed of an exclusive Galaxy Buds2 case in graphite colour. The exclusive case completed an elegant and sophisticated design by applying plated materials to a square case reflecting the identity of the “Wooyoungmi Paris” brand. The “Galaxy Watch 4 Wooyoungmi Edition” costs 399,000 won for the 44mm model and 369,000 won for the 40mm model and the “Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition” is priced at 199,000 won. The “Wearable Wooyoungmi Edition” will be sold exclusively on the “Musinsa” fashion platform from 10 am on the 19th, and more information can be found on the Musina Store (www.musinsa.com). 

Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition

A concept render of the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G smartphone.

Every year, Samsung introduces loads of new smartphone models. The Galaxy Ax3 will be the name for the affordable and mid-range Galaxy A series handsets in 2022. Consider the Galaxy A13 on a budget, the Galaxy A33 on a somewhat higher budget, and the Galaxy A53 on a mid-range budget. The Samsung Galaxy A73 will be one of the most technologically sophisticated A series devices. This phone will be available in the second quarter of 2022. Only a 5G variant is anticipated to be launched this time.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

Only a 4G model of the current Galaxy A72 is available. Based on all these rumours, graphic designer Parvez Khan aka Technizo Concept has created a series of 3D product images of the expected Samsung A73 in collaboration with LetsGoDigital. In terms of design, this mid-range smartphone is very similar to its predecessor. However, Samsung is expected to make the necessary changes.

The Samsung A73 now has a new display.

To start with the front. The phone will most likely have an AMOLED flat screen. Presumably, a 6.7-inch screen with Full HD + resolution will be chosen. The refresh rate can be increased from 90 Hz to 120 Hz. The fingerprint is placed under the screen. The A-series smartphone will have an IP67 certified plastic casing – in other words, the phone is dust and water-resistant. Last month, Korean media The Elec announced that Samsung for the first time wanted to equip the new A-series model with a screen from a Chinese manufacturer. This allows the company to save on costs, necessary to face growing competition from Chinese brands. Potential display providers are CSOT and BOE. Samsung has reportedly asked the two manufacturers to manufacture an OLED panel, whoever offers the best solution will be authorized to produce the screens for the A73. The Chinese CSOT is already supplying Samsung displays for the Galaxy M series. The Galaxy A73 5G will most likely be re-equipped with a perforated selfie camera, which will be placed in the centre in the middle. It is not yet clear whether Samsung will go for a 32MP front camera again or if it will go this time for a 12MP front camera, as is the case with the Galaxy S21 FE.

We are also waiting for the necessary changes at the top and bottom. Where the Galaxy A72’s SIM slot was accessible from above, it will most likely be moved down with the A73. This space is freed up because Samsung will remove the 3.5mm headphone connection. Unfortunately, this will also apply to the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33. The new A-series model will probably still offer the option of using a microSD memory card, unlike the S-series models. In addition, the bottom will house a USB TypeC connection, microphone and speaker. As usual with Samsung smartphones, the volume keys and the power button are located on the right side. The left side remains free of buttons and connections. The device will work with the Android 12 operating system in conjunction with the One UI 4 user interface. Samsung provides its A-series models with 3 years of software updates and 4 years of security updates. As for the chipset, the Samsung A73 5G could be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G, which is also used in the Galaxy A52 5G. There will likely be several memory variants on offer: 6 / 8GB RAM and 128GB / 256GB ROM.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G live pictures reveal the overall model, which will be released early 2022.

 We provided readers exclusive Samsung Galaxy A33 5G renders courtesy of tipster OnLeaks a few days ago. We’ve now obtained some live shots of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G’s frame, moulds, and back case. The live photographs were obtained from a reliable industry source and reveal the phone’s design. These standing position a design language similar to the renders we provided a few days ago. It appears that the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G will resemble this. Let’s take a look at the design of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G renders

Design of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

The Samsung SM-A336 model, which we believe is the upcoming Galaxy A33 5G, is shown in the leaked photographs. Our source gave us some photographs that show the smartphone’s design. The phone appears to have a similar design to the Galaxy A32, but with a significant rectangular rear camera hump, based on the pictures. The camera module will have quad cameras and an LED flash, according to our readers.

The cutouts for the bottom speaker, microphone, USB Type-C connector, volume controls, and power button are also visible. The SIM card tray is located on the phone’s top. The insides of the smartphone are also visible, although none of the parts is visible in the photographs. According to the mockups we previously revealed, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G would include a waterdrop notch.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G renders

A 6.4-inch Infinity-U display is included in the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G specifications. The phone’s dimensions are 159.7 x 74 x 8.1mm, with a USB Type-C port. Unfortunately, there will be no 3.5mm headphone jack on the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G renders

Samsung’s Galaxy A33 5G will be a mid-range 5G smartphone, with additional information on the device expected in the following weeks. The phone is likely to be released in early January 2022, and it may be limited to 5G exclusively. Samsung had released a 4G and 5G edition of the Galaxy A32 for 2021.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G renders

One UI 4 Update Provides a Better Mobile Experience Focused on You

More personalization revised privacy settings, and other features are included in a new software version. Samsung Electronics recently announced the official release of One UI 4, which will begin rolling out today on the Galaxy S21 series, which includes the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. One UI 4 improves your mobile experience by giving you more personalization choices, privacy features, and access to Samsung’s ever-expanding ecosystem.

“We are committed to providing the finest mobile experiences to everyone as quickly as possible,” said Jonghyun Yoon, Executive Vice President and Head of Software Platform Team at Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Business. “One UI 4 continues that goal, giving Galaxy smartphone owners the most up-to-date personalization and privacy options. But we’re not going to stop there. This software upgrade will soon be available to other smartphone and tablet users, allowing for a more seamless throughout our whole ecosystem.”

My Galaxy, My Choice

One UI 4 allows you to design a personalised mobile experience that meets your specific requirements and reflects your personality. You may change the look and feel of everything from your home screen to icons, menus, buttons, and backgrounds with a variety of new Color Palettes to pick from. It’s never been easier to put your own personal stamp on your smartphone experience than with reinvented widgets that provide even deeper personalization. A wider range of emoji features, GIFs, and stickers are now available directly from your keyboard, allowing you to express yourself even more easily.

One UI 4

What Matters Most Must Be Protected

Without effective security, there is no privacy. It’s why, with One UI 4, Samsung has included the most up-to-date privacy and security features, allowing you to select what you want to share and what you want to keep it private. With One UI 4, watching and controlling your privacy settings is easy, from notifying you when an app tries to access your camera or microphone to a new privacy dashboard that gathers all of your settings and controls in one place.

Connecting You inside a Larger Ecosystem

One UI 4 unlocks a more powerful mobile experience by allowing you to get the most out of Samsung’s remarkable expanded ecosystem of devices and third-party apps.

One UI 4